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  1. Hi everyone! Fond this leather Bayonet carrying frames. One is ww1 and the other? I don't know.
  2. OK I will look for those badges. There is a big box full of those clasps. Maybe I'm lucky and find one. 😊
  3. Thank you Uwe. If I find this badge - has it a higher value for collectors?
  4. Hello all, found it today in my dad's drawer. He buyed it for my birthday. It's a 1985 badge. - but with such a low number. 😳
  5. Thank you. With the Russian language I don't have a problem 😊
  6. I found this two screw nuts in a box full of badges. To what kind of badge do they belong? Just saw the normal ones without any maker mark.
  7. I got this one for free. 😅😊
  8. I took this Aktivist badge because it has an interesting pin set up. Looks like an old Ww2 tinni type.
  9. Hello, is this a general cap badge? It's gold and has screw back.
  10. Got this Pilot badge. It's with enamel. Is this an older one?
  11. Hi, Got this Soviet silver badge with the number 3 on it. On the reverse there Is a name scratched in.
  12. Hello all, Is there a website or anything where I can look for this number? It's a order of the Patriotic war with the number 681344 Thank you for any tips!
  13. Thank you so much. I wasn't home, so I could not answer in time 😊
  14. OK thank you. So it will stay like it is. Thank you guys for your help
  15. Thank you so much! I also have the red box. But the white interior is a bit dirty. Any chance to clean it?
  16. Hello there, What is this ship badge. It belongs to the бедовыи. Is this a rememberence badge? I saw that there were many different designs.
  17. Hello there, I found this winged anchor badge. Is this a navy pilot award? Maybe someone can tell me.
  18. Hello there, Found this paratrooper badge. How old is this one? Its also my first paratrooper badge 😊
  19. Hello there. I found this medal. What is it? How old is it? Why has the small bar a different pin setup.
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