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    • Deutschritter About Oberst / General , Alfred Arent I found the following :  The 21st September 1899 by decree of President Julio Argentino Roca then Argentine President was decided to contract the " retired Cavalry Colonel of the German Army "  to organize the Escuela Superior de Guerra ( General Staff School ) . the rank of Argentinian Army General was not mentioned in the decree, of interest is to mention that the decree asigned 600 gold Argentinian pesos to Colonel Arent for expenses for him and his fellow officers contracted 
    1. Deutschritter


      Thank you very much, highly interesting! Do you think the 600 gold Pesos were a one time payment, maybe for the voyage on a German "Dampfer"? Argentine sources also have him as General (general de brigada = Generalmajor), but surely not from the beginning.

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