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  1. Better, Glenn? No ... phantastic! Thank you!!! I like how he proudly wears the Kronenorden, 4th class with swords for the German Brotherwar (Deutscher Bruderkrieg) of 1866, where he was also wounded.
  2. I think he was à la suite des 4. Garde-Regiments zu Fuß until 1918, but I am not sure. If so, he probably received some WW I awards?
  3. I am looking for a picture of General der Infanterie von Arnim. Does anyone know if he was still active in WW I or maybe reactivated? Thank you!
  4. I have never seen a Hungarian World War Commemorative Medal with Gefechtsspangen (campaign bars). Were they originally allowed? Thanks!
  5. Thanks to the Gentlemen of this forum, here are the promotion dates and decorations for Generalmajor von Livonius: 8.2.1890 Fähnrich (aus dem Kadettenkorps kommend in das Garde-Füsilier-Regiment überwiesen) 18.1.1891 Sekondeleutnant mit Patent vom 8.2.1890 1.4.1898 Premierleutnant 22.3.1902 Hauptmann (überzählig) 10.9.1908 Major 19.8.1914 Oberstleutnant 18.4.1917 Oberst 29.12.1919 Charakter als Generalmajor Zentenarmedaille, 1897 Regierungsjubiläumsmedaille 1905 (Schwarzburg-Sondershausen) Ehrenritter des Johanniter-Ordens
  6. Thank you ... a really great picture!!! Do you happen to know, when exactly he was promoted to Generalmajor? I just read in the NY Times he was Bankier after the war and visited NYC 1924 representing other German bankers.
  7. Do you have more information on him? Some sources say he served until 1919, others say until 1920. When exactly was he promoted to Generalmajor (Charakter?) ...?
  8. I'm just an amateur, but what would his WW I awards be? EK II and I of course, Kronenorden II. Klasse with swords, Militärverdienstkreuz (Mecklenburg) II, Hanseatenkreuz (?), Order of Military Merit (Bulgaria) ... what else? Thanks, Gentlemen! What could that on the left side underneath the Johanniterkreuz (picture from 1812 Overture) be? Is it this? What would the correct German name be? Thanks!
  9. Gentlemen, this is a hard one for me. Is Boettcher wearing the Kommandeurkreuz, or, as some would suggest, the grand cross with swords and Kriegsdekoration? Thanks!
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