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  1. I’m with you, thanks for filling me in! it raised a red flag what with the Berlin 1914 markings (seemed very unlikely), but thought I’d double check. It’s probably my naïveté, but it really bothers me that people produce fakes to sell for profit. The whole early post-war replacement issues is fine to me, but people nowadays dumping some modern trash in the garden to weather then sell as original is just downright awful.
  2. Hi all, Saw this online but out of my depth...real or fake? not seen this makers mark before. All the best!
  3. Hi all, Im interested in buying this photo online, however, I have no idea what unit these men are from. Any ideas??
  4. That must make good reading! It struck me when I saw it; the owner must have really put in the time to do this.
  5. Here we have an ordensspange consisting of official, and less official, medals which were awarded to a Bavarian soldier of Königlich Bayerische 12. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Arnulf. It consists of: * Iron Cross II Class * 1914-1918 Hindenburg Medal * 1814-1914 12 Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment Medal * 1813-1913 Major v. Lutzow Medal The reverse: Other than being a Bavarian, all that can be deduced by this medal group is that he was a pre-war serving soldier (c.1913) who survived until at least 1933. Inte
  6. Well, it may have been partially remounted later down the line. I can’t remember where it came from. Might have been a dealer mate of mine.
  7. Blooming marvellous! I came across a description of it online, but seeing it is much better
  8. Here we have an ordensspange belonging to a pre-war cavalry officer of 2. Hannoversche Dragoner-Regiment, Nr. 16. The group includes: Iron Cross II Class Hamburg Cross 1912 General Honour Decoration 1813-1913 Regiment Centenary Medal 1914-1918 Regiment Medal Military Merit Cross III Class (Austria) Little is known about the recipient, other than that he was from Hamburg (the bar carries a makers label from Hamburg), was a pre-war serving soldier, and survived until at least the early 1920s. Below is a brief history of
  9. I have a recipient by the name of L. Falke. Canny find him. any clues where to look for rolls? All the best chris
  10. Hi there, Yes, the Mecklenburg Schwerin piece was a replacement (got lost at some time). The MVO was still attached to a piece of ribbon, but had become detached at some point. Thank very much :) Quite the possibility!
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