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  1. Sadly not (I’d love one!). That’s a possibility; he has the service medals of a man who appears to have served alongside allied forces in Eastern Europe/Balkans. It could be that he was in DSWA before the War & contributed to the colonial war effort. thanks! Yeah, I have plenty of groups with other allied nations service medals, but it just seems a bit odd that he would apply for A-H & Bulgarian medals when he served in DSWA? I’m thinking that he may have served Ore-WW1 as Chris Boonzaier says.
  2. Hi folks, This is my first post to this group, although I have come across it many times in making background checks for medal groups. I purchased this German colonial set recently, and I’m confused (so I thought I’d pass this one by you all!). Our man has the Lion & Elephant Orders, with corresponding buttonhole ribbons, however, in the photo (c.1938), he also wears the Austrian, Hungarian & Bulgarian War Medals. so, my thinking is that he was a schutztruppe veteran from DSWA, judging from the band on his hat, but how did he manage to serve in Europe if the ca
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