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  1. Good evening Any web template you can recommend and hosting server to economically display medal photographs? Thank you
  2. Dear Elmar, this is a problem I usually encounter and typically the solution is either very expensive still being developed. I currently have over 800 medals, pins and other medallic art objects and I struggle with this because I end up considering the map drawers that, although very nice, can be pricey and not to mention the space they take. I have seen some cheaper models at $130-$150 but cheap wood and usually is delivered with corners torn. The option being developed is an idea I am currently working on with my business partner to basically create custom made cases for each medal, but
  3. One of the main problems with Cuban State awards is that medals are not properly identified with a serial number like in the US. This allows the State-owned manufacturer to produce as many as it wants and are sold later "sous la table".
  4. For more information regarding this item, please see "Condecoraciones cubanas. Teoria e historia"
  5. Hello Megan, this item here is a pre-1978 medal. In other words, it was created before the passing of major legislation. Basically Law #17 and Law-decree #30 as amended, which are still the backbone of the Cuban award system. There is even an earlier piece I have in my collection. Please see attached. Thank you
  6. Please remember Law-decree #30/1979 should read "as amended" as many other orders, medals and distinctions have been "added" through the years. Some regulations have been replaced. For a full copy I suggest Vol. 3 of "Condecoraciones cubanas", published in 2011. An English translation is on the works now. Thank you all
  7. A space dedicated to promote, contrast published materials on Cuban awards and medallic art
  8. This particular design was one of the proposals to the Cuba's Great Friend (Medallas Gran Amigo de Cuba) voted by Congress in 1929 and awarded to Mr. Horatio Rubens, legal counsel for the Revolutionary Party responsible for dragging the country into another civil war which would culminate with the proclamation of the Cuban Republic on May 20, 1902. The second recipient of this medal was Max Enrique Urena, a renowned pedagogue. From the analysis of the archival material, we know that Enriquez Urena received the medal in January of 1935, a few days before his death. Mr. Rubens died in 1941 with
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