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  1. Hi all ! I have not been able to establish what the badge is. Maybe someone on the forum has already seen one and knows what it is? I don't know if it has anything to do with the Third Reich Regards !
  2. Hi ! Okay, but why is this an element? It is a pressed element, the hooks are soft. Regards!
  3. Hi All ! An item from Prague Castle, the purpose of which I cannot identify.
  4. Hi all ! Original item for me, but I would like to know the opinion of my colleagues. Regards!
  5. Hi all ! What could it be? Emblem on the cap, sleeve? Denazified version? Regards
  6. Hi all I've seen that pin badge before ... unfortunately I don't remember what it is. Luftwaffe support service?
  7. Hi all 1 Pendant with Sonnenrad motif and number 42. I do not know what is it ....
  8. Hi All ! A shield with the symbolism of Stahlhelm. Is it a badge of an organization member or a WW1 veteran with a missing clasp? Could this be the element on the cover of the photo album? Regards !
  9. Hi all ! Two badges. I know they are controversial and there are different opinions about them. What do colleagues think about them?
  10. Hi all ! Good evening gentlemen! Due to the increasing bombing raids, I am looking for air defense specialists. Now really, what do you think of this badge? looks like a good Souval. Regards!
  11. Hi Yes it can be. What about the original item in your opinion?
  12. Hi all ! Motorsports festival. Prize for participating in the rally? Or maybe at a car show? Is it original in your opinion? Best regards and thx for help😊
  13. HI NSKK badge, For participating in the rally? Has anyone seen this before?
  14. Hi all ! It looks good to me, but I'm interested in the opinion of other forum users
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