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  1. Hi all ! A request for help in determining if this nahkampfspange box is original in your opinion? Who can be the manufacturer (if it is the original item) of this box? Regards !
  2. Hi all ! A request for help in establishing the originality of the cross. Greetings !
  3. Hi all ! It looks nice but is it original? If so, what kind of producer could it be? regards !
  4. Hi all ! Panzerkampfabzeichen silber ( Juncker ? ) ,request for opinion. Unfortunately, only these two photos are provided by the seller. Greetings !
  5. Hi all ! A beautiful thing, but I don't know if it's original. I will be grateful for help from more experienced forum users. Greetings !
  6. Hi all ! Colleagues, please rate this parachutist badge. If it is original, can its manufacturer be identified? Thank you in advance for your help! Regards !
  7. Hi all ! SS dagger Please give me your opinion. I don't know much about white weapons. Best regards!
  8. Hi all ! Two flags. The one with the bear, probably related to Berlin. Unfortunately, I do not know their dimensions. I don't have any more photos. I will be grateful for any help. Best regards !
  9. Hi I checked, the medal is ok. Thank you for your help. regards !
  10. HI ! Friends . Thank you very much for your help with previous matters. This is now a mystery. Medal from Gdańsk. Silver version. It looks good to me, but I am asking for your opinions. Best regards !
  11. Hi all ! Friends, what do you think about this pin? Should there still be a fabric pad on the back of the pin? Regards !
  12. Good morning ! Please give your opinion on this badge Regards !
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