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  1. Thanks a lot for everyone’s respond. After those supportive comments, I think I can go for Condor Legion awards. Since it can be a great concept. I was also wondering, dear friends which online shops you trust? I only buy from EMedals, because they are shipping my item..- unlike other sellers I bought from. and like I said, I think I will go for condor legion awards. Which will cost a lot. I need to find trusted seller. Do you think EMedal is one of them? I was planning to buy Bronze Spanish Cross wo/s from them. Please let me know. Thank
  2. Hi Folks! I was wondering about collecting ''Soviet medals&orders'' I used to do it; but I sold my collection recently because there was no pattern..- I want to collect 'professionally'. There are many diffirent manufecturers and diffirent types for same award: Do collectors; do you care about them? or it is not the only way to collect 'professionally'? I am done with collecting everything I like. I want to create a beatiful collection. Kindly asking your help about it. Also I am open for any advices; especially for guidance books.
  3. Mr. Peter, I thank a lot for your kind answer. If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you a question since you also collect medals. I was wondering if you do or don’t focus on medal’s type. For example, let’s say “Order of Red Banner”. from the same manufacturer of that award, there are more then one types. Like type 1, type 2... While you or other medal collectors collect, do you focus on it? Don’t you try to creat a pattern? I did research for it actually, for a guide book which tells about all the details; but couldn’t exactly find wh
  4. Hi, folks! I am creating my first topic. So firstly, I would like to thank you for accepting me. I am a young guy from Turkey. I love history, especially: WW1, Turkish War of Independence and WW2. I would like to meet any one to inform each other about history&politics. Now, after introducing my self to you, I would like to ask my question: I used to collect Third Reich awards but I sold my collection recently because there was no pattern in the way I collect. I was just buying the things I liked. Also, since it is extremely hard to find Third Reich awards for sale in Turkey, it
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