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  1. Many thanks Gordon. These are quite decorative!
  2. Hello Last year i got this lot and with no knowledge about the Schützenverein i started to search the web. The webpage for the club Ashausen und Umgebung is great since they have a list of evey shootingking each year! This is great since two of the medals is dated on the back. The two medals on the top lane is marked from the king to his adjutant and the king for the year 1969. I have screenshotted a pic of the king and adjutant from the webpage. Any info regarding the other medals? All the best from Norway
  3. Yup and the ww2 ones was quite anonymous with only the small producername stamped on the back. I would guess that medals came in boxes and not these cheap bags. I understand that the company made insignia for US Army, but those usually i think was fitted on cardboard and not put it in these bags ?
  4. Hi Claudius I dont know if these are faked. The design for me indicates post-war, im curious if thesewas used for army insignia or medals, or for civilian coins or other things
  5. Many thanks Gordon! Shame, low number on mine so i guess it was awarded early 1950-ies?
  6. You mean the Civilian Labor Group pin? I wonder if there is somekind of complete list of servicenumber and name?
  7. Many thanks for your help! Shame there is no dating on this one
  8. Hello I have this lot with german/american insignia and coins. And im curious about the silver coin with german text. "Dem Sieger" on one side and "Die Landeshauptstadt Wiesbaden" there is no marking or year on it. A mommemorativ coin for US forces after WW2? Or maybe it is a shootingaward or something? I think US Army was well represented in Wiesbaden. Thankful for any help here!
  9. Hello and greatings from Norway! I need some help with some paperbags i obtained lately This paperbag from the company Carl Poellath KG measures 13*8cm and is unused. The backside is unmarked Anyone able to tell me the age of this one and the purpose? For medals, military insignia or maybe something civilian? Thanks in advance for the help
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