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  1. Many thanks Chechaco1 I appreciate your reply and help. All the best Martyn
  2. Hi I know that this is very post war but is it possible to date it approximately? I'm thinking that it is probably 1960 - 1980s
  3. I'm still interested in these two. I'm wandering if these may be original contemporary issue items. I've previously posted these in this topic but wandered if anyone else has seen these exact types. They're aluminium and obviously come from the same factory... I'm guessing Ukraine. The interesting thing is the reverse designs are different to the obverse. The reverse of the Ukraine Sea Guard has the impression of a Russian Sea Guard badge of the same period. So is this a company making both the Ukrainian and Russian Sea Guard badges under contract but cutting costs by using one reverse die to form the badge shape or is it just a cheaply produced later copy? The other Russian sub badge has a surface ship reverse die. Could these still be correct or are these definitely modern restrikes?
  4. If ever you have any that you want to get rid of I would be interested.
  5. I've seen some Russian medals which are very expensive and didn't like the look of them
  6. These badges seem to be a bit of a mine field
  7. So does this badge that I posted look like a good un?
  8. One more that I've dug out. Was wandering if this is a repair or another dodgy one. It just seems too obvious to be a copy with that soldered pin and heard that some were made on base or is this just a myth.
  9. A copy in other other words of a type that doesn't officially exist 😁
  10. Thanks once again. This next one I think is a copy? Our is it just a modern cheaply made issue?
  11. Original issue? So would this be a genuine issue or just another collector's copy? What do you think?
  12. One more. Not sure. What do you think. It looks similar to one of yours.
  13. This navy excellence award also looks good to me. Many thanks 👍
  14. Many thanks for all of your help. I'm going to keep looking for these but look for the age and pin type as above. I will sell the others as new.
  15. Many thanks. So the others are probably new but could they still be ok? This one I'm fairly sure it's good.
  16. Many thanks. I see what you mean. I'm undecided about the following. I think that they are better but would like your opinions of you don't mind. There are three Pobeda brass ones and three aluminium ones. One is for the Ukraine Sea Guard.
  17. Many thanks. What's the give away? How can you tell? All the best Martyn I have a few other ones with different fittings and designs. Can I post these for you to look at? Many thanks
  18. Good afternoon. I'm wandering if these were issued to crews of specific types of ship or were they a standard type issued to any type of surface ship? Thanks for any help. Martyn
  19. Does anybody know if this one is good or bad? Many thanks for any help.
  20. This is the badge. The maker is Pobeda which is marked on the screw back
  21. Any ideas of how to identify whether a Russian Sub badge is good or bad. I would pay images but I can't at the moment. The badge is silver metal plated over what looks like a copper alloy (?). It has a red enamel Star in the centre and a screw back fitting which is marked with a Russian maker's mark apparently famous for making Russian military watches. It is a hollow back stamping and looks chemically blackened (?). Are there a lot of copies of Russian sub badge around? If it's original I would imagine that it dates to the 1980s or 90s. Thanks for any help Martyn
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