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  1. Multi-seat pads are always prefabricated, aluminum appeared after 1957, but this does not mean that they can not hang awards before 1957, which could be outweighed after 1957. In each case, you need to look individually. If the veteran is a civilian, then he could not comply with the order of placement, hanging in front of the awards that are of great value to him (for example, the Polish cross of the brave before the medals for defense and capture, or the medals for cities before the medal "For Victory". Or treat the jubilee medals with disdain and do not hang them in front of the medals for
  2. New model assembly of the pad. But the hardware is original.
  3. The Republican flag in the RSFSR was not popular, we felt like the whole country. In all the republics, I don't know how, but the Ukrainians distinguished their flag with a blue stripe at the bottom. And so they were handed out to people at demonstrations and after it they did not know where to quickly hand it all over to go with friends to drink vodka or beer under kebabs )
  4. Most likely, too ,the "Award found a hero" for the First World War, probably, was in the Balkan theater of operations
  5. the flag of the RSFSR, millions of copies, were everywhere and everywhere.
  6. Crimes are different. Most often, begging under the guise of disabled people. A well-known story in Moscow, when in the morning they imitated the breakdown of an ambulance near a warehouse or store and, taking advantage of the credulity of the security guards who opened the warehouse, killed them and robbed them. Well, if you want to paint, then find on the Internet the films "The meeting place can not be changed" in 1979 or the film "The Thief". It's just about the use of military uniforms and awards for the purpose of crimes. Well, plus the events in Western Ukraine and the Baltic States, wh
  7. Comrade I. V. Stalin said that " every accident at work or marriage at work has a surname, first name and patronymic." Therefore, the Soviet awards are very, very, very, regardless of that. that many were stamped by teenagers. There are enough new-made pads for royal medals (and very decent quality). Native yes, roads and in a deplorable form often.
  8. It is quite likely that she was a relative, apparently, of the "right person", and for big people, for the sake of great goals, a painted piece of jewelry is not a pity. Especially since the situation was heating up and it was necessary to be friends )))
  9. So the link is not this lady? https://www.wharepuke.com/wharepuke/wp/?page_id=4926
  10. Probably a copy. Personally, I observe traces of casting. Weight 21 grams, diameter 39 mm. A picture of an item from one of the auctions. The images for some reason did not load, writes that the waiting failed, although the type and size are doaustable, so I gave a link to the auctioneer. If someone manages to upload images for the story from there to here, it will be nice. https://auction.ru/offersnapshot/191337836771404.html#2
  11. And do not forget about the medals for seniority, as well as the fact that aluminum pads appeared only after 1957. And it's a funny coincidence that silver medals have silver intermediates. The USSR is a power, not a huhry-muhry )))
  12. And if you really want something for the war from the USSR, then this is not a problem - register on the Ukrainian version of "newauction" or "violiti" and there you will pick up for every taste and color, even with documents, especially since Soviet awards are very inexpensive.
  13. This is nonsense, fantasy, self-assembly, impossible in any way and under no circumstances. Although you can dream up, if you want, I will write you a story of an officer of the rocket forces under this block, but the disturbed order of the tapes all spoils everything. The guy was drafted into the army during the Great Patriotic War, he graduated from the accelerated officer school, but did not take part in the fighting or did not distinguish himself in any way. In 1945, he was demobilized and worked hard and worked hard, receiving the medal "For Labor Valor". Due to the fact that the rock
  14. "In short, your case is bad, but you should not lose hope," as the gypsy Janechek said in Pilsen, when in 1879 he was sentenced to hang for the murder of two people with the aim of robbery; everything can turn out for the best! And he guessed right: at the last minute he was taken away from the gallows, because he could not be hanged on the occasion of the birthday of the emperor, which fell on the very day when he was supposed to hang. Then he was hanged the day after the emperor's birthday. And then this guy got even more lucky: on the third day he was pardoned, and had to resume his trial,
  15. A frequent occurrence, probably, the medal was intended for silvering, since otherwise it is still bronze and from other metals this degree was not made until the end of the war
  16. I'm not a fool at all, I notice myself, especially in the evening after a couple of beers.
  17. slock hildegarde, церемония награждения проходит по визам МИДа, некоторые титулы, если, я их переведу, это несложно. Позиция лауреата интересная, но не читаемая. Если этот два слова, расположенные под прямым углом, стоит отдельно, эти два слова, расположенные под прямым углом. The royal viceroy deigned to sign the decree on the proposal of the prendergast of the Ministerial Council and the Minister of Foreign Affairs AWARDS slock hildegarde (name in English transcription), then two words are unclear, probably the position, the royal Order of St. Sava fifth (V) "then the line is illegible
  18. Oh, I beg you, why be surprised... Russia is a republic with a monarchical coat of arms, a secular state with official religious holidays, equality of all faiths and state awards named after Orthodox saints. As they say in Russia - "ing horse-drawn circus". And you don't have to wean yourself from the Soviet one, it will still come back ))) For dialectics!
  19. Order of the Red Banner of Labor 293437 issued in 1954, most likely for long service.
  20. No, the determination of the cavalier by the number of the award is only through access to the archives (which is problematic) and is paid. Unless it's a random chance to find open information about your order. The Order of the Red Banner 201*** will not get through unambiguously, but these numbers fall on the seniority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and, most likely, the badge was awarded in Moscow. "Honorary Railwayman" will not get through in any way.
  21. To be honest, a soldier, especially a demob, is like a magpie - he clings to everything brilliant, without even reading what is there. The translator, of course, will lose the rhyme, but you will understand the meaning: The Cossack was walking somewhere in the distance. There was a medal on his chest: "For courage", " For victory», "For a pleasant conversation», "For scientific works», "For the protection of the entire environment», two cosmonaut medals, Order of the Warcraft Player, TRP delivery symbol, "The passage of the», Pregna
  22. This penny garbage in various versions of the piece of iron, along with clean certificates, is packed into all souvenir tents, since enterprises, in addition to the official order, stamp heaps. Once the machine is plugged into the socket, then what can not be done. The current Russian Federation stamps this from various ministries with dozens of names, and when the name of the ministry is changed, they stamp everything new. Tinsel is everything, dog joy, on the collar. After the medal "For participation in the parade", nothing surprises, soon there will be medals "For giving a military salute
  23. The practice was such that the medals were initially awarded with temporary certificates, which were then exchanged for permanent ones. The presentation of medals is mutual, some of the awards were passed to the opposite party for presentation. Of course, the documents were signed by a representative of the performing party of delivery - the commander of the Soviet military unit or a Polish official. Sometimes even by the embassy.
  24. Тогда уже добавить и Крест заслуги советского производства. На картинке показан серебряный без кольца рядом с последующим типом от "Каритас". Относительно редок.
  25. The "Stalinist" type of this order was made under Stalin at the Krasnokamsk Mint, from gold, in the amount of 570 pieces. Everything else is Polish crafts, first the matte reverse and towards the end of the 1960s-shiny.
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