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  1. Thank you Jan, Yes, this is a nice clasp, one to hang on to. Briefly looking through Tom's CCC book I believe these JFS's are a little longer than most other CCC clasps. Now to find a good gold zinc CCC with some original finish remaining. They're getting harder to find by the month. But, like everything, one will turn up in time. Robert
  2. I'll add this story of how the seller came across all of these combat badges. He purchased a large group of badges from the family of a deceased WWII US Army officer who had the job during the war of constructing P.O.W. camps to house captured German prisoners. The period was 1944-1945. He, the officer, traded cigarettes and food items to the German prisoners for their combat badges. It's a sad story, but true nonetheless. Robert
  3. Yes, I know exactly how you felt. I've owned mint 2nd pattern JFS bronze Nahkampfspanges in the past and sold them. If I had kept all the makers I've had in my hands over the years I'd be sitting on a nice assortment of clasps today. Now I see worn bronze examples going for $450.00 and above. I can remember when mint silver clasps were selling for $350.00! I think we're going to see a day when these clasps will take a huge jump like the Juncker para's have, even more than we've seen in the last two years. I gave the seller of this silver JFS what he was asking, and he really didn't know what he had in his possession. I was plain lucky on this one. From the way he explained it he had a mixed bag of high-numbered GAB and PAB's, but they had already sold. This may have been his last piece, and it set on a small auction site for weeks he said. Robert
  4. Thanks Tom, I feel very fortunate to have recently stumbled onto this badge. It's the centerpiece of my humble collection of badges and crosses. I've owned silver grade AGMUK and S&L Nahkampfspange's in the past, but this clasp IMO has better hardware for wear than the others, even though the other clasps were very nicely detailed and plated.
  5. Very nice large font AGMUK CCC. I like how well these badges hold their finish. Very nice Nahkampfspange! Robert
  6. Sorry for the double post above, getting used to the format again. It has changed since I last posted. Reverse...
  7. Hi guys, I just wanted to share my rare 1st pattern JFS Nahkampfspange, silver grade... Robert
  8. Why are 'L/58'-marked pinbacks deemed postwar when they posess the same core, hardware and frame die flaws as the pre-45 crosses by Souval? I don't understand this. Robert
  9. Nice 2nd frame type S&L, Stefan. Kind regards, Robert
  10. IMO, it looks to be a patina on the finish. I'd personally leave it just as it is, not altering anything. Regards, Robert
  11. Bill, As you know decisions are renewed when further evidence is produced. I'm just working with what I have at this time. And, after reading many threads recently on the '22' EKII's, my question is which example of the seven do we use as a guide? I have studied my '22' EKII maker mark, and find it different from the many others I have seen in threads. The 'tail' of the '2's turn up, where the others are straight. So, I have a question with this. Do you feel that your '22' EKII's core and frame matches my EKI cross? Are you quite certain? In the photos above I see a difference in the frame beading at the corners...
  12. Through much study over a 10X loupe and good lighting these are my findings: 1. My Wiedmann SB matches my EKII '19', both frame and core. 2. My Wiedmann SB matches this particular PB (what others call a Wiedmann PB). The frame on the PB is rotated 180 degrees, the core matches perfectly. 3. This particular PB DOES NOT match my '22' EKII, neither core nor frame. At first I thought the frame might, but under a loupe and good lighting I can see it DOES NOT. I conclude that this PB IS a Wiedmann, and would rule out it being anything other. Regards, Robert
  13. Well, I have no experience with these '22'-marked EKI's. I'm studying the frames of my crosses really hard right now, searching for answers. Thank you both for good study information. Bill, could you possibly post a close up of the dates in your EKI and EKII, please, with good lighting? Robert
  14. Bill, I found out that my EKII frame is rotated 90 degress to the right compared to my EKI. And, my EKII core is a variant with a different core (look at the '3' in 1939), although the frame is the same, and is in the same location (clockwise). Take a look... BTW, your EKII date looks very convincing next to your EKI. Regards, Robert
  15. Bill, Though I see the '22' stamp on the first cross's pin, I cannot make a match with the core or frame of my '22'-marked EKII. I am not leaving out the pin stamp. I'm still studying it. And, I appreciate you bringing this piece forward to view. Thank you. Regards, Robert
  16. Thanks Bill, Nice example. It seems odd that Wiedmann never marked their EKI's, as they did their EKII's ('19'). Are these crosses posted here early examples of the Wiedmann, or just a variant with different pin asssemblies? Regards, Robert
  17. That's good that it sold, as I'm regrouping after two purchases anyway. I need to do more research on these smaller crosses before actually buying one. I'm on square one with them. Robert
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