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  1. Could be South African if he original color was indeed orange. If it was red, then Royal Artillery comes to mind. Terry
  2. Looks like it has some age to me. A lot of American soldiers painted up their helmets after the armistice, and would often include a Division sign. Some were pretty gaudy too! Not my picture, just found on hte net to show some examples. Terry
  3. ATS girls wore an 8 pointed star as an officers rank, but this looks a little big for that. The only ones i know of and have are metal. Terry
  4. Thank you Graf! Hope you have seen some of my other posts of my collection as well. Not great maybe, but I'm working on it. Terry
  5. Not sure if this is the right place, but will post here based on he category description. One of my other collecting pleasures is autogrpahs although I don't pursue it quite as activily as I did in the past. Anyway, here are some, with my real prize being the first one. A few more.
  6. Here are a few of my other interests. Pick these bits up when I can find them and don't have other items in the que.
  7. Have a few minutes so thought I would start sharing some of my collection. My interests are Women's Services, Military Nursing, VAD , FANY, Home Guard and Medical. Here are some of what I have in display cases at present. Here are a few more. Terry
  8. Here is some of my Commonwealth badge collection covering medical, nursing and women's services. Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and a few South African Nursing items. Yes, the Australian nurses sleeve patch is a reproduction, - a kind gift from a collector ins Australia, and a badge I doubt I'll ever be able to manage a real one so I am quite happy with it. I'll post more of my collection over the next several days. Thank you for looking, Terry
  9. New here, but I too collect British medical and nursing. As time allows and as I become more familiar with this forum I will share some of my collection. Cannot compare to the fines ones I see in this thread, but we all have to start somewhere. I will try to post what I consider the centerpiece in my collection - two RAMC brassards worn in Bosnia in the 90s, given to me by the officer who wore them, with a picture of him wearing the one on the right, his signature and a brief account of his career. The red cross brassard does have the Army stamp on it, and neither have been cleaned since they were worn. I feel very fortunate to have them. I also collect Home Guard, WAAC to WRAC, CD, FANY, VAD, MERT, TMW, DARTS and some WLA. I am always interested in items folks might like to let go. Terry
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