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  1. Thanks for the info. The story as I have been told it is as follows, My wifes Croation Grandfather, Grandmother, and their three sons who were living in Canada were part of a group of Canadians who returned to Yugoslavia to help rebuild the country. These medals were obviously awarded to the sons for there participation and hard work. My wife's Uncle, the youngest son, (who just passed away at the age of 94) described the conditions as horrific, needless to say they all, after a short while left the country and slowly made their way back to Canada. I'm wondering if you could put a value on these, I'm thinking that I might want to move them on to someone who would value them for what they are. Here is an excerpt of an article I found on the topic of the Canadian return movement to Yugoslavia.
  2. I have just come across 5 different medals of this type, found this forum while tring to research on what they were. this is all very interesting. Any additional info on these would be welcome. Ed Here is the Udarnik Badge close up...
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