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    East German Military. And German WW2 U Boats. Be sure to look at my U Boat pages.

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  1. You might try one the the sniper forums. East Germany did award a marksman cord. Several versions for: Panzer, Artillery, Motor Infantry, Border Gaurd and regular infantry including Airborne and Air Force.
  2. These were on the US market sometime ago. SSG82 Sniper rifle made in East Germany.
  3. If anyone would like a full sized copy please email me at: Kirk1957@aol.com
  4. I have a color copy for the paper ribbons issued if that might help?
  5. Gordon, Which book is the photo from? Many thanks for the ID, Kirk
  6. Also notice the OD shoulder boards which are regulation. Dress boards were never worn by the NVA. Tho I will admit if you have the pink piped shoulder boards shown on ebay they will sell for a higher dollar value.
  7. The two piece Black Panzer uniform is different than the standard black work uniform. Notice the length of the jacket. You will see alot of work uniforms on ebay that the seller has added the Panzer patch too. The work uniform comes with plain pants. Also see the next, Black panzer overall's. Made for wearing over the dress uniform for tank repairs.
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