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  1. Instituted in 2015 ?

    Awarded to person who have made outstanding contributions to the work and development of the Arab Parliament.

    It is also granted to Arab leaders, Arab parliamentarians outside the Arab parliament, and prominent non-parliamentarians and international figures of non-Arab descent who have made outstanding efforts and fruitful deeds in the service of the Arab cause.


  2. On 20/02/2021 at 23:11, heusy68 said:

    Hello Ilja,

    Hello Gentlemen,

    At least we now know what is the 1st row medal (losange shaped) that General Kangnaja is wearing.

    Zambia Police Medal of Merit of the Deputy Inspector General.

    Regards to all.


    Zambia Police Medal of Merit Deputy Inspector General obverse.jpg

    Zambia Police Medal of Merit Deputy Inspector General reverse.jpg

    Great find, Emmanuel.

    Here are Golden Jubilee Medals (may be awarded in two classes ???)



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