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  1. Bonjour, This "tactic" has been widely used in the french army during the mid 50's till late 60's. Burned para cord (when available) or heated laces were used as glue. I found many fatigue shirts, jackets and even "class A" with insignias fixed like that. Cheers Valery
  2. Bonjour, Here is some infos 1st display From L to R Unknown para badge, 501 Groupe de transport (transportation), ?, 156th transportation instruction center,? (Marseille?)Inter services transit base , 32nd engineer Regiment, National service office from an unknown town,?,? 1st infantry regiment, 7th chasseurs alpins Bn (light mountain infantry), 58th Signal corps Rgt,? 730th ordonnace company, 501st RCC (battle tank regiment), 13rd chasseurs alpins Bn , ?, 4e regiment de tirailleurs marocains Hope I could help! Cheers Valery
  3. Bonjour, I have some Foreign Legion DI's and uniforms from the Indochina and Algeria wars in my collection. Cheers Valery
  4. Thanks mate for your helpful answer! Hope that someone could confirm! Cheers Valery
  5. Bonjour, A friend of mine has this Denison smock. It used it for displays, that's why he has sewn a France title. However, I think this smock could be from an african country. I'm not sure but I think that rhodesian army used denison smocks with a different camo before the 4 pockets (more one in the back)... If you could help me, thanks! Cheers Valery
  6. Bonjour, Not sure at 100% but at 90%, your mess kit seems to be a post war made. The WWII era kits have a date stamped (post war too) and the metal seems to be from a different type than your. The logo cold stamped on it make me think for a 50's made. Cheers Valery
  7. Nice picture Simon, the album sounds to be very interesting You could note the crab insignia (the same of your shoulder board) of the squadrons group painted on the vehicle. Cheers Valery
  8. Bonjour, Hi, Guten Tag; I discovered with a great interest this grouping from a Legionnaire, in fact a sergeant who served in two french foreign legion cavalry units. The silver color means a mounted branch in the french army (armor, cavalry, transportation, maintenance etc...) Fourag?res (lanyards) are awards of the 1st REC (Foreign Cavalry Rgt) The DI on the leather pocket hanger is the 2nd REC. I think he has been assigned to the 2nd REC after his time at the the 1st REC and he worn his former insignias on the shoulder straps as an highly fighting unit veteran distinctive sign. Shoulder str
  9. Thank you for your accurate answer! Nice items! Cheers Valery
  10. Bonjour, That's a very interesting thread, thank you to show us these highly desirable headgears. However is it possible to have some views from Rhodie made berets. Is it true that rhodesian army received many bostwana made berets? Thanks Valery
  11. Very nice item, a really, really hard to find for this unit! Congratulations! An excellent book is Commando Nord Vietnam by Pissardy at Indo Editions. There is a study from all commandos ... Congratulations Valery
  12. Bonjour, The crest with the lion is the Tieu Doan 15 (15th Bn) Created on the 1st july 1951 with Caodaists ( an other sect from the south VN) who served as auxiliaries with the french forces (suppl?tifs militaires des forces terrestres d'Extr?me Orient). Only the CO was catholic. Located in Tay Ninh (caodaist area), later at Long Xuyen and Rach Gia in 1954 SAT means Secteut autonome de Tay Ninh ( Tay Ninh autonomous sector) The second one is a signal corp company DI 1 DDTT (Dai Doi Thong Tin) 1st signal company Created on the 1 february 1951 in the south VN ( 1MR), this company belonged to
  13. ...and the last: Military Inter-Arms School (Truong Vo Bi Lien Quan Doi) Military academy initially located in Hue and transfered in Dalat in 1950. Students pent 9months and one year after 1953. Between 120 to 230 cadets by promotions. That's all... Valery
  14. Bonjour, I hope it's not too late but I have few infos about your "pucelles" (units crests are nicknamed virgin in military french slang). 1/ TDS5SC (Tieu Doan Son Cuoc 5) 5th Montagnard Bn Created 1st january 1951 with elements from 5 BMEO and members from the montagnard guard, this Bn belonged to the 4th Montagnard division and later july 1954 to Mobile Group 42 (GM 42) White and blue colors are traditional of Mo? people. Panthera was on the insignia of the former 5 BMEO. 2/Bien Hoa This insignia was worn by members of the "Dodart des Loges" cadre military school of Bien Hoa. It performe
  15. Bonjour, New on the forum, I've discovered your topic related to a 1 REP paratrooper. I can confirm without a doubt that this grouping is a "put together". However, it could more accurate to change the unit of your legionnaire from 1REP to 2 REP. I 've checked my pics and yearbooks of these units and I never seen TAP 47/56 uniforms worn by members of 1REP. In the other hand, TAP 47/56 sets were very common in 2 REP at the end of the Algeria war. It seems that these uniforms 've been issued in the late 60, early 61. 2REP belonged to the 25 DP (airborne division) during this period. Does your b
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