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  1. thank you for the reply. I suspected as much. I also thought that the ribbons looked practically brand new.
  2. Hello gents, I've seen this medal bar and, since I'm not an expert, would like to know if the medals are genuine and what it should be worth. It might be hard to judge from these photos but I do not have any better pictures. According to the seller the needle on the back is not original, the rest is. Thank you very much! kind regards, Roeland
  3. Hello gents, I need help with identification of a uniform and a medal on a painting: -what kind of uniform is this (regiment, rank etc. all information is welcome)? -what period/year date is this from? -which order and class or which kind of decoration/medal is the man wearing? Sadly I do not have a better picture. A relative made the picture for someone in Spain who wants it identified because it is his forefather. I have not been able to find much information on Spanish uniforms. I have seen many orders and medals shaped as a cross an with red ribbons, however I do not have eno
  4. hello gents, well that is a superb quality piece. I'm jealous! kind regards, Roeland
  5. hello gents, I have one from a Belgian general (became general after the war) who served the entire war, he has 3 silver and 1 gilt. If the entire ribbon is made of red collored threads, and the middle has been collored yellow, that would be a very good explanation why it would ''bleed'' red when it is wet or moist instead of just fading collors. The example from speedytop is already better then others I see, for example look at the text on the front, like the 4 from 1914 is ''thinner'' and ''open'' in the middle). Wearing could be an explanation why some medals have lost some qu
  6. hello gents, personally, I don't think war has anything to do with the material or quality in this case, as the medal was instituded after the war. It is clear there are multiple manufacturers, and they probably all made their own ribbons, but I would like to know which companies made them (names). I can't find it in books anywhere. the example on the picture is nice, but in my opinion ''flat'''. I'm not very good at English, but I mean that the details, in my opinion, aren't of superb quality. I have seen examples where the crowns are more ''3d''. The lines between face and ''flat''
  7. Hello Tim, I also noticed the difference in metals. I've seen them in dark bronze, a somewhat lighter bronze and one that is a little more ''shiny'' (don't know the word, but a collor more going towards a silver blend, but still obvious brown/bronze). The details on the later ones are often also of a higher quality. kind regards, Roeland
  8. hello gents, it could indeed well be that they are poorer quality ribbon as found on most medals and that water (or moist) could have changed the collor. I haven't held one in my hand, only know it from pictures. Still, anyone any idea about differetn manufacturers of this medal? kind regards, Roeland
  9. Hello gents, I have a question regarding the well known commemorative medal of the war 1914-1918. I often see them with ribbons that have an dark, almost red or orange collored stripe in the middle, instead of the official yellow. I was wondering if there are different kinds of ribbons in use for this medal. Or perhaps they have just changed collor over time. (but I have noticed it often, and you would also expect a ribbon to fade, not turn darker). Perhaps different makers? I also noticed differences in the quality of the details on the medal and the collors of the medal. And ar
  10. Hello gents, the first 2 are indeed unofficial. The veteran would probably wear the beret as on the picture when being present at the comemorative event. The U.S.A. medals are the pruple hart and the bronze star. It's always nice to have multiple items from a veteran.They often tell a great story about the wearer, even unofficial medals. kind regards, Roeland
  11. Hello noir7, thank you for your reply. I think the seller is selling fake uniforms and calls them original and genuine. Here is a general kepie he is selling, doesn't look like it should be either: kind regards, Roeland
  12. Hello gents, I need a little help on this hussar uniform. It has been offered as a uniform from a French ''Hussard de la Garde'' from the second empire. However I can't find this in any book I have neither on the internet. I did found a similar uniform, with the difference that the ''ropes'' acros the uniform aren't black but white. Anyone any idea? Thanks. kind regards, Roeland
  13. Hello gents, I've made a visit to the museum last month. It was fantastic!!! Really worth visiting. They have a lot of uniforms, those of the imperial staff from the palaces, officers, imperial guards, but also uniforms worn by czars themselves. Also there are a lot of (huge) paintings from high ranking officers, the czars and family etc. The exibition is about the life at the Russian imperial court. You get to see many different subjects, such as the masked balls (costumes, vejers, money purses, bags etc.), paintings of the palaces and guards, children and their uniforms, jewelry,
  14. I have one as well. I have been searching for more information as well, but hardly found any. Only some remarks from other collectors. I do can tell you that they where given to French soldiers for their defence of the Southern Netherlands in 1940 ( especially city of Breda but also others in the povinces of Noord-Brabant and Zeeland). That's all I heard about it. I haven't found any book, nor papers in archives. I don't know who created it(French or Dutch initiative?) and who produced the medal.
  15. Thank you for the reply, that is the exact emblem I'm looking for. The only difference is the collor of the background, the one here is white, the one on wikipedia is beige/brown. I read the collor has changed in 1975. The visit of the general was between 1973-1976 (still looking for exact dates in archives), so it could well be that he received the ''old collor'' insignia. I'll see if I can make scan of the other because my picture doesn't much look alike.
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