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  1. Very nice to see the WW1 certificate for the Barbatie si Credinta 2nd Class in Silver! Thanks for posting.
  2. I have been looking at different examples of this Romanian medal for some time. To me, the suspender between the medal and the oak leaf ribbon suspension looks like a WW2 type, although I could be wrong. I thought that earlier WW1 types had a barrel type of suspender such as is shown in the attachment, although to be frank, I have only seen this in the 2nd and 3rd class medals.
  3. I may be wrong, but the suspension on the Romanian medal appears to be of a later type (at least in my limited experience). I thought that WW1 suspensions were more of the barrel type as shown in the attachment, although frankly, I have only seen these in the 2nd and 3rd class examples.
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