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  1. Numis, To read full JOMSA articles, you may go to the OMSA website and select the JOMSA issue containing the article you wish to read. Searching by title yields only the first pages relating to the article.
  2. Thank you, CMBerry, for the sash info/pix! Looks like the DHM example above has a very badly faded sash...
  3. Bulgarian WW I service commemorative medals could be awarded to Central Power countries' military & civil personnel [usually upon application & payment of a small fee] involved in the war effort regardless of war theatre [Denkov & Petrov]. Some Hungarian authorities [Konyvkiado] cite similar provisions. Perhaps Austria offered the same opportunity. Thus, these commemorative likely were available to any qualified veteran who asked & paid for them.
  4. Images of later [?] manufacture Order of Sobhuza II Grand Counselor set, possibly same Asian maker as Emmanuel's unidentified pinback, follow below. Not including the rings, the gold plated metal badge measures about 60 X 33 mm., gilt & silvered star about 60 mm. diameter, Sash 102 mm. wide about 160 cm. long in total. Badge & Star with blank flat reverse; star has pin to attach it to clothing. 'Soft' enamel. Miniature ribbon ties badge to sash. No obvious maker or other marks.
  5. Thank you Nick for this valuable information
  6. Some updates to this thread follow: TAMMARO of Montevideo, Uruguay [www.casatammaro.com] manufactures type 2 insignia for the Order. Uruguayan nationals may receive the Order for special services to the country and the world in general. Such recipients include people in the medical, sports, education, and scientific fields as well as....political figures! Images of an apparent commander insignia follow. A blue exterior case with white satin inner lid and blue plush interior base accompanies the award. Could not ascertain measurements.
  7. Flags may represent shipping company house or, as Peter opines, yacht club flag. Elements of stars similar to 4 point compass rose & anchors suggest maritime connection with "R" indicating name of organization.
  8. Excellent [judging by Gardino's plaque on the star reverse] post 1946 set. There may be a hallmark on the badge ribbon ring or on the edge of a badge arm. Replacement inner case pads may be available from Guccione, Roma. Contact them in Italian for best response. GMIC posts discuss Gardino-Cranvanzola manufacturing transition periods. J. Jacob's Court Jewelers Of The World reports useful information on the subject as well.
  9. There are/were many lodges scattered around North Africa and the Middle East. Some Masonic pieces from Egypt & Lebanon were on French exay a few months ago. May also appear on UK and US elay too. Some lodges exist in other places like Micronesia, Japan, Liberia, and so on.
  10. Agree with Sal & Graf, as usual! Grand Cross badge should measure in the 55-59 mm by 105-115 mm range. Workmanship/appearance of this example suggests Stange, St. Louis, Mo, U.S.A. origin [thick, non-tapered or striated 'loop' for ribbon [cravat] attachment, very thin connecting rings between cross and trophy of arms, plus trophy of arms rather 'flat' appearance]. Would guess 2000's manufacture. Similar neck badges offered at about US$200 sometimes including case & ribbon on e*ay.
  11. Point of my post above being that persons associated with so-called 'self-styled' awards wore the type of cross pictured in post one above. Presumably, birds of a feather stick together. Or, if you prefer, this item may well be ‘awarded’ by a ‘self-styled’ knightly or chivalric organization. Eagle iconography not linked with ‘main stream’ St. Lazarus or San Luigi or Lippe insignia either.
  12. Persons associated with the late Prince Ernst August of Lippe's Society of the Rose, the San Luigi Orders, the Order of St. Lazarus in the U.S.A., the Royal Yugoslav Order of St. John, and comparable organizations wore similar crosses in the 1970's-80's. I do not recall the exact format--the eagle may have had two heads then? Do not recall the name of the troupe that used this particular cross or post-2000 images of individuals wearing it. Photos appearing in publications issued by the above named entities and the Augustan Society [do not have at hand now] illustrate this item and an analo
  13. The Belgian Foreign Ministry publishes annual [sometimes biannual or quarterly] lists of consuls and diplomats accredited to the Kingdom. I am not sure when this practice began but saw an 1835 or '36 copy at the Albertine/Albertina [National Library] in the early 1990's. The Foreign Ministry probably would be another likely research prospect. Good luck!
  14. Thank you, Owain, for this gift! The photos reveal Fahmy's true essence and spirit. Unfortunately, I did not memcon my personal interactions with this wonderful man and now have only faulty 30-40 year old memories. Fortunately, I certainly do recall Fahmy's hospitality, kindness, and warm personality.
  15. Jan, that's a quite hard to find medal. You have done well! I believe that a northern Italian State used this same ribbon for a mid-late 1890's 'in exile' Rothe-made award. So as to the ribbon, I agree with SR's opinion. It may be possible, however, to misconstrue SR's mention of the India Cruise medal to suggest that the Empress Elizabeth sailed on the ship. The Seereisedenkmünze commemorated participation or service connected with the 1892-3 ten-month voyage to the Far East performed by SMS Kaiserin Elisabeth. Archduke Franz accompanied the vessel on this 'showing the flag' ventur
  16. Snowpie, What a rare and wonderful award. Thank you for displaying this precious item! And, yes, the Magician, Bata, is a great person and phenomenal, astounding pool wizard. Seeing him in action delights and mystifies anyone fortunate enough to observe!!
  17. Most emotive presentation honoring a gallant individual. 8055 MASH [Mobile Army Surgical Hospital] was a U.S. unit thus explaining DD Form 511 for non-U.S. citizens as indicated by Report of Interment overstamps.
  18. Terrific! Have been looking for this badge as a single for years...anyone with a spare please contact me.
  19. 922F

    Legion D'Honnour

    If gold or silver gilt, metal fineness marks would appear, usually on large wreath ribbon ties at bottom of badge or on badge suspension lug or ribbon ring. Same locations for maker marks. Lack of marks & wear to badge suggests bronze-gilt example to me.
  20. If Vietnamese, AKA Gold Star Medal type 1-- see GMIC topic Socialist Republic of Vietnam - Gold Star Order. Might be Bulgarian Hero of Peoples Republic, as star looks broad. In either case, suspension ribbon pin shape looks like a truncated isosceles form rather than rectangular.
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