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  1. Beware of fakes!! Unfortunately do not have image of a genuine issue piece--even Werlich's Russian book illustrates a questionable striking.
  2. Hello, see thread here: Bulgarian Queen Eleanora's Cross. Also seen to foreigners [incorrectly?] on Bulgarian tricolor & Austrian WW I Red Cross ribbons & anything to hand. Some, usually to foreigners for Balkan Wars, have recipients' names engraved on reverse
  3. Don't make them like this anymore--& have [especially for Train Company Directors] very few full dress occasions to wear them. A shame as far as I'm concerned! Plus, air-con would make them less of a burden in hot weather! Yours looks to be in especially good condition with little mothing & minimal embroidery wear/tarnish. What a great find, you are lucky!!
  4. Seems as if a good number of foresters - game keepers received national and foreign honors, even through the 1920's.
  5. Yes, Medal conditions vary so much [ 'Hammered edge' of Battenburg 1885 medal sharp contrast with others] they suggest reassembly...still worthwhile group. I'd opine that it's an old ribbon bar perhaps missing medals with replacement medals added. If you can see the backing material where the hook and pin are attached, it most likely would be a sort of Beaver-board [studry compressed fibre board, usually heavier than cardboard]. Sources seem to differ on the requirement to replace first type 1885 war medals.
  6. Vendor correctly identified this medal: 1954 Kingdom of Iraq Army Flood Rescue Medal aka The Salvation Medal (Nut al-Inqath). King Faisal II established it in 1954 to recognize services performed during the catastrophic floods caused when the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers both burst their banks that year. A number of foreigners received this medal and reserve stocks came on market following the Gulf Wars. Forgot exact translation of reverse. Clear image below--my nearly non-existant Arabic makes out 'Kingdom of Iraq' at top, saving/rescue water in middle & date at bottom. Owain RawRees published a description in the Orders & Medals Society of America's Journal, Volume 57, number 1. Don't remember if Owain translated the inscriptions...either he or Ellie have done so somewhere, perhaps here in GMIC. See also http://www.ghossoub.net/IraqMedals.htm and other Internet sites.
  7. Yes, sorry, George VI crowned 12 May 1937, same date as intended for putative Edward VIII...no need to waste the preparation effort or psychological effect perhaps....
  8. ilieff, thank you for the image enhancement! Graf, yes, I believe that would confirm the award time/place...just cannot find the image of the group mentioned above and do not recall whether the people in it wore George V coronation medals. Prince Kiril of Bulgaria, Prince of Preslav represented Tsar Boris and led Bulgarian representation at the 1936 [correction--12 May 1937] British coronation. Members of Kiril's delegation likely received George VI coronation medals. I am certain that at least one Bulgarian diplomat/consul stationed in London received that medal.
  9. Hi Graf, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronation_of_George_V_and_Mary#Foreign_royals lists Boris representing Bulgaria and George's third cousin as attending the 1911 Coronation. Somewhere, maybe on Old Bulgaria image site, there's an image of what appears to be the Bulgarian delegation at George V's coronation. At one point, a GMIC member reported that rolls of foreigners awarded British coronation medals could be consulted but another member later wrote these [if they exist] were inaccessible.
  10. Great images! Thanks to all! Very interesting to see Graf's colorized image of Boris above with a British King George V Coronation medal!
  11. Thank you, Bayern, for your clear and understandable explanation. I've never see this information offered in such easy to use form and will certainly make use of your work. All best regards
  12. Daniel, another amazing, wonderful discovery! Kudos to the WIZARD! Great find Lew!
  13. Sincere thanks, Bayern, for this information! Epaulettes had me confused!
  14. Appears to be a Lion & Sun officer and medal on bottom 'row'. Nicham Iftikhirs could recognize 'donations' to the Tunisian government's Waquf Fund without any other connection to the Beydom. Same for Lion & Sun. Epaulettes curiously do not match. Collar floral decoration not dissimilar to those used by junior French governmental functionaries.
  15. Lucky, Gabriel's Bulgarian Civil Merit 3rd class neck badge would most likely be 2nd type with so called Tsarist suspension crown.
  16. Appears to be typical 1880-1920 Ottoman made Osmanie Commander. Enamel in great condition. Full modern made cravats ith ties widely available if desired.
  17. Check for marks; may be gold. This piece with so called Pariseren [French] sword quillons - some say these indicate Saxe Altemburg or Saxe Miningen issue. Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha issue usually seen with so called Prussian Sword quillons. Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha issue post WW I swords on ring insignia displayed French quillon swords, however.
  18. See ebay 184951476299 and associated. Ernst is so cheap because it lacks reverse [ACCORDING TO VENDOR] motto ring, allowing visions of epoxy!
  19. Are there plans for an English or French language edition?
  20. You may wish to contact http://www.ribbonsshop.com/austria-republic/au292-austria-order-of-the-knights-of-malta-ribbon-for-merit-crosses-and-medals/ for a replacement. Besides what's listed on-line, they have some old stock not always shown on their website. Teo Toussaint now manages Ribbonshop.
  21. Many tailors/technicians who assembled/mounted award bars used whatever scrap or spare ribbon to hand when mounting awards themselves to bars. Then they added the correct ribbon formed into the familiar shape around the award. While the correct ribbon may appear as the award mounting material, most bars I've seen with backing loose or removed display an assortment of varying ribbons or narrow strips of white/gray edge bound narrow cotton tape type material used for that purpose. This to indicate that the color of the red/green ribbon seen protruding beneath the KVK may have nothing to do with the item originally placed there. White with red central stripe ribbon could well be an Ottoman Red Cross [KVK & Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe could support this proposition] or maybe a Spanish MMO, white distinction. In either case, odd that it appears where it does.
  22. Ideal that you found a ribbon, case and mini! Is the case marked Garrard, Spink or ...? From time to time issued cravats [both narrow, wide and, very rarely, 55 mm - 2 1/8 inch wide] appear on UK ebay or in dealer stock.
  23. Above crown format usually associated with insignia related to various Christian Eastern Orthodox/Melkite Orders [c.f. Patriarchal Order of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem] and "international" Order groups [c.f. Imperial Order of St. Eugene of Trebizond] these latter usually claiming a relationship with or descent from the Byzantine Empire. Sometimes this type of insignia uses a typical Bulgarian Czarist design suspension crown.
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