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  1. #5 Ernestine House Order, likely Kt lst class #7 Likely Russian St. Anne #14 Image (planchet) looks like a double-headed eagle -- Montenegro or Serb? tho ribbon edge stripes look a bit thin
  2. Eng Leong Medallic Industries/Royal Insignia, of Singapore, manufactured this order from 1990? to 2001 and may do so presently. Besides an array of Singapore and other honors, Eng Leong makes almost all Malayaian "federal and state" decorations. Visit their web site for some illustrations. Other Crown of Johore insignia makers include Gerrard, Spink, Halley and perhaps Cravanzola. Examples of this Order, other Malay orders and foreign (incuding royal Hawaiian) items may be viewed in a display of Johore's ruling family awards at the Johore Museum. One could visit this museum in an easy d
  3. A booklet published in the late 1990s or early 2000s, formerly available on eBay, illustrates all classes of the Vietnamese-backed Cambodian regime's decorations in full color. It also lists award criteria. The Cambodian language booklet's blue cover depicts the Order of Angkor, as I recall. A French translation was available at one point, perhaps someone out there has one?
  4. Likely designed by P. Eagleton and made for/marketed via either Bezant [mid-late 1990s] or Worth (Bahamas) [late 90s through present]. Believe that a complete system consisting of at least two orders and several medals exist, or were at least designed.
  5. Just saw FJP's 17 May auction catalog which offers a copy of the 1969 published book I mentioned earlier, "Numismatique Malgache: Medailles et decorations de Madagascar, the French language, paper bound book, describing Malagasy decorations up to that time, as lot 1567 at a very reasonable $35-$40 reserve. Usually they go for $75 or more on French eBay. The recently posted photos of the President of the Republic wearing his Grand Master's insignia (collar and GC set) of the National Merit Order is most welcome!! Note the 3rd Republic type design and the fact he wears insignia produced in An
  6. Sorry, William, I've been away for a while. There are many places in Vienna where one can research Austrian personalities. There is a general state archive, the Army archive, parts of the Imperial Household archive, and so on. In my experience, all of these places have very courteous staff many of whom speak quite good English. They also have very limited public access hours for the most part. If a trip to Vienna is not in the offing, the BDOS journal formerly contained ads by people who undertake research at set rates. I have not subscribed to that journal for some years but would guess
  7. Lanyards exist for the (South) Vietnamese National Order of Merit and Military Medal, whether official or not. 1980 era photos show Mobutu with one, perhaps denoting the Leopard of Zaire.
  8. FROM http://worldroots.com/brigitte/famous/p/pe...riabio1874.html Archduke Peter Ferdinand of Austria, Prince of Tuscany (1874-1948) Born 12 May 1874 Salzburg Died 8 November 1948 Sankt Gilgen Married 8 November 1900 Cannes Princess Maria Cristina of The Two Sicilies, daughter of Prince Alfonso of The Two Sicilies, Count of Caserta and Princess Maria Antonietta of The Two Sicilies Born 10 April 1877 Cannes Died 4 October 1947 Sankt Gilgen A member of the Grand Ducal House of Tuscany, he was born and grew up in Salzburg. On 8 November 1900 in Cannes, he married Princes
  9. Don't forget the mid-1970s "Jerusalem Post" newspaper supplement on Yom Kippur War medal winners (copies were on offer at the 2006 OMSA convention) or the "Medal Collector" article based on it. There's also a mid-1970s MC article on Israeli Police Medals.
  10. Ferdinand I of Bulgaria. Note only did he officially receive many decorations (see the 1990s auction catalog for many but not all of his foreign awards), he actively solicited them--the story of his pursuit of both Golden Fleeces being a prime example. Ferdinand also founded a stable of personal and state awards and collected insignia as a hobby himself. He so enjoyed decorations and dynastic historical connections that he sometimes wore obsolete varieties of some, like 2nd empire Legion of Honor badges and stars. When time permits, a partial list will follow. Here is a not untypical p
  11. 922F

    african orders

    ORDRES et MEDAILLES des PAYS D'AFRIQUE ? l'?poque POST-COLONIALE de 1960 ? nos jours by Nicolas de ROFFIGNACA, a French language book published about 5 years ago and sometimes available via French eBay, provides the widest coverage on post-1960 African decorations. It is based on materials from some orders chancelleries as well as information lifted with and WITHOUT attribution from various journals and websites. The "Medal Collector" and JOMSA as well as other society publications, notably Sabretache and the Swiss and Belgian groups' work, contain a wealth of information.
  12. A French language book, ORDRES et DECORATIONS de l'EMPIRE CHERIFIEN au TEMPS du PROTECTORAT FRANCAIS au MAROC - 1912/1956, by Pierre ROUSSEAU published 2 years ago explains Ouissam Alaouite Ch?rifien Order (Quissan Alaouite) insignia variations, as well as other Moroccan awards. FJP auctions offered a copy recently. Copies were also for sale at the 2006 OMSA convention and probably will be available at OMSA 2007.
  13. This is a Bulgarian Red Cross Society badge; possibly early-mid Ferdinand era. Looks like the neighbor on the left is a SCG 1899 wedding anniversary medal. Could we see the entire group please?
  14. A French language, paper bound book, entitled something like "Decorations Malagache", published in the late 1960s - early 70s? describes Malagasy decorations up to that time. It includes some information on royal award criteria. The book has a number of illustrations most of which are poor quality. I believe FJP auctioned a copy in the past few years and it's sometimes available from French sources. Like the book's authors (the Chavincourts? who lived in Madagascar), Colonel Guyadier opined that most Radama II awardees were either French government (civil & military) officials or those
  15. Additionally, decorations from Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria at least--Klenau published a book in the late-70s or early 80s on the ordens kabinet presented to G which includes illustrations of these other awards.
  16. Petrov's "Orders and Decorations of Bulgaria" 2005 edition provides full information on the current Republic of Bulgaria's Order of SS. Cyril & Methodius (book for sale on eBay item 290054642965). I do not have that book available at present so cannot offer more info. The president of Bulgaria's website used to have information on awards. Simeon of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the former Czar and most recently the ex prime minister of Bulgaria, may still award the royal order. It appears that King Mohammed of Morocco is the most recent known recipient (2001?).
  17. These look like: first item more likely Belgian Crown--Agree with Jacky ...note spiked, rather than rounded wreathlike, appearance of inter cross arm elements Medjidjie Papal Latern Cross-note rounded center and cross arm terminations Crimea or Baltic Isabella Catholic I'm no expert but the uniform appears more Belgian than French. Maybe Portugese or Spanish with pasador bar suspensions???
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