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  1. They probably got him one of tompac copies that we frequently see for sale. Still, very nice gesture!!! Long live the Hero!
  2. I see they fake low classes now...I hope they sell them as low priced souvenirs
  3. There are legitimate stars without maker name on center backplate. You have to look at the entire package to determine if they are real or not.
  4. OMG! This is 1st class star and cross in original cases of issue, exceptionally rare!!!
  5. Agreed, this star looks suspect, details are lacking.
  6. Correct, about 3 times higher. Also, enamel they use most likely is not real enamel, so it's not that expensive. From the photos it looks like paint was used, especially on reverse.
  7. Fake Ferdinand Election medal 1st class (on the left). This is a converted 3rd class medal (in the middle) with enamel applied to the center elements. Authentic medal is on the right, you can clearly see distinct features of 1st class (rays under red enamel, details in center on reverse, etc.).
  8. Dmitriy Yazov, last living bearer of highest military rank Marshal of The Soviet Union died today. RIP Feb-8, 2024 to Feb-25, 2020 He was Minister of Defense 1987-1991. Member of failed coup of August 1991 to save Soviet Union. Highly decorated: Soviet Union Order of Lenin, twice Order of the October Revolution Order of the Red Banner Order of the Patriotic War, 1st class Order of the Red Star Order for Service to the Homeland in the Armed Forces of the USSR, 3rd class Medal "For Military Merit" Medal "For Impeccable Service"
  9. Perhaps one of the reason is that Grand Cross star does not really look like Bravery award, as there is no white cross for what it is known to most of people. It looks more like a foreign award than Bravery. Badge of 1st class on the other hand can be clearly seen from a distance and in the photographs. Probably Bulgarian Tsars wanted to make sure there's no confusion and everyone who sees them with the cross with skulls knows what they are wearing?
  10. it's a rare badge, not many people here seen it, not sure you will get any opinions here.
  11. I am speechless!!! Where are these awards located, which museum?
  12. Again I saw this Observer Badge, which is of really low quality compared to known originals. I see them coming up for sale more often. I decided to do side-by-side comparison - questionable badge is on the left, real badge on the right. Main differences: - Flat looking eagle, lack of details, - Flat wreath, details are lacking, no relief on reserve, - Different lion on red shield, no vertical stripes, - No details for mountains below the sun, - Miloshev mark - some letters don't even look right, i.e. - look at the last letter in Strahil and Miloshev - they l
  13. Had cockades would sell for a nice amount if authentic (there are a lot of copies out there). Not sure about value of the plate.
  14. Copy of St Alexander 3rd class made by Gode. It even comes with a certificate. These used to be sold about 20 years ago, covered many countries.
  15. I recently saw this Serbian medal bar with strange St Alexander with swords. St Alexander is in wrong position, it looks like it's on the ribbon for Romanian order. In addition, awards itself is quite unusual. My guess is this is privately made order.
  16. First time me seeing this super rare Order of Bravery 2nd class award in case if issue!!! Version 1915 was awarded during WWI. Just to give you an idea of how scarce this award is - total of only 16 awards were presented in this version, with just 9 given to Bulgarian Generals!!! I've seen couple of these awards without the case, this is first time in my collecting career that I encountered this medal in original case of issue!
  17. $1800 for a modified 4th class? What are they smoking?
  18. It looks like this same C&M set was sold at Klenau auction in 1978. Interestingly, there was also small collar for sale, which leads me to believe that full line of C&M insignia was made by someone. Is it possible that a collector or a museum commissioned some jeweler to make them all grades of C&M award? Someone who realized that he would never be able to collect all real insignia and decided to go for close looking copies?
  19. I saw this post on GMIC about amazing the longest chain known to exist with 48(!!!!!) miniatures of the decorations. It was made by Godet around 1910. One of them is 1st or 3rd class of Bulgarian Saint Alexander order (green cross).
  20. If that's the case, then we should not be taking endorsements of this "royal fund" seriously. 922F set it straight - these are fantasy pieces, made from scratch for collectors. They resemble real awards and could fool most collectors at the times when information was scarce, but today we have enough reference materials to reject these imitations. What bothers me is the fact that this modern royal fund puts these imitations on the same level as authentic awards. Think about it - someone bought these at the auction, with no history, provenance or maker attribution, no proof
  21. What you are saying is that some of these "copies" were made from leftover parts, such as unrelated, generic star bases, with newly manufactured elements on top of them.
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