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    Tankers helmet

    You should check this link http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/t...ana%2Festan.htm http://www.cascoscoleccion.com/espana/esfotan.htm Javier
  2. I mean if he was on the Einwohnerwehr, this doc has been sold today on ebay (Item number: 180097388566) Javier
  3. Is this document from the Einwohnerwehr ? Javier
  4. Exemplary Soldier Badge Exemplary Seaman Badge (Odznaka "Wzorowy Zolnierz") (Odznaka "Wzorowy Marynarz") Instituted by Minister of National Defense in 1958, originally in two classes (gold and silver), with the bronze class added 1968. Reinstituted in a new form and single class on September 14, 1999. Conferred to conscript soldiers and airmen (Exemplary Soldier), or seamen (Exemplary Seaman) for at least 6 months of exemplary service. Badge 1958-61: trapezium plaque, 30 x 42 mm. In the center there is the head of a soldier in a helmet, facing left, on white (left) and red (right) background, and with the inscription WZOROWY ZOLNIERZ or WZOROWY MARYNARZ below. The reverse has a screw for mounting. The badge was worn on the left chest pocket. Badge 1961-68: as above, but with the helmet adorned with oak leaves. Badge 1968-1973: as above but in three classes, and with the number of class ("1", "2" or "3") added in the lower left corner. Badge 1973-1999: as above but reduced in size (22 x 31 mm), and with the class number being removed. Exemplary Soldier Badge 1999: oval openwork plaque, 35 x 45 mm, with a bronze eagle inside, sitting on a bar with gold letters "WZ", with crossed rifles behind, surrounded by a bronze laurel wreath. The reverse has a mounting pin. The badge is worn on the right chest pocket. Exemplary Seaman Badge 1999: as above, but with a bronze anchor on the eagle's chest instead of the rifles, and the letters "WM" on the bar. Ribbon: none. Polish Army Supply Service Officer School graduate badge // OSK - Oficerska Szkola Kwatermistrzowska Exemplary Soldier Badge Javier
  5. Hi all, this is my first post here Can anyone enlight me on this ? Click on the picture to enlarge Javier
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