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  1. Another magnificent grouping, Dobri...my congratulations ! The early and preliminary EK2-document is one I like very much... Thanks for sharing, Best regards, Laurens
  2. Hello guys, I'm pushing this thread to the top to see if more loose devices have surfaced in the meantime. The example in my collection measures 30mm x 23mm. Any more thoughts regarding originality? Best, Laurens
  3. Hello Alexandre, These are fairly easy to find online: Spange EK1 (Fuhrmann): Generalleutnant Valentin Feurstein EK2 (Schacht): Generalleutnant Karl Burdach Ostmedaille (Feindt): Generalleutnant Johannes Fink Spange EK2 (Küssner): Generalleutnant Woldemar Freiherr Grote KVK2 (Haas): Generalmajort Karl Faulenbach Best regards, Laurens
  4. Thanks Norm, Just realised I made an error in my earlier post, it should have been a comparison between Reichsmarine and Kriegsmarine . I have a picture-postcard where she is carrying the Imperial flag, but during the Reichsmarine era. Wolf was indeed used from '27 onwards. I just come to think that changing the cap tallies from latin script to gothic script, may have been in a time they changed the hull code (from 'WO' to 'WL'). Just a wild guess though... Laurens
  5. Hello Justin, Thanks for the explanation. Just so I get it right, wasn't the one offered on eBay from the Imperial Navy? There was a Torpedoboot Wolf in the Imperial Navy (not the same as Wolf from the Reichsmarine/Kriegsmarine period). Seems difficult to distinguish one from Imperial vs one from the Reichsmarine if they are both in Latin script. Are you also referring to the topic from Gordon which is pinned in this sub-forum? Or have I missed something?Happy holidays,Laurens
  6. Nice collection, gents. And Justin, I'm curious about the two bottom tallies in your first picture. When was that kind of font used? Are those prewar tallies? Reason I ask is because I noticed a tally from Torpedoboot Wolf on eBay Germany a few weeks ago. Seller claimed it was pre-1935. But I was unsure and saw it go to somebody else (maybe someone from the forum??).
  7. Thank you gents, including the nice photos as well! Did I read correctly (but on a Dutch forum) that one of these regiments were deployed as far as Ypres (Poelkapelle) in 1915?
  8. While searching the internet for (EK2-) award docs given for actions in 'Flandern', I noticed this item. I don't question originality, but I raise an eyebrow for the unit. Simply because I have no knowledge of a Matrosen-Regiment. Can someone please elaborate on these units? Where they of any importance or rather rated poorly? Thank you,Laurens
  9. Hello gents, I'm looking for a helping hand to explain this ribbon bar from Hermann Lohbeck (picture-postcard in my collection). It starts with the 1914 EK2 and the Bavarian Military Merit Order but troubles begin with ribbon n°3, one I cannot explain. I assume it continues with two Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Crosses, one having a wreath. Second to last is the Hindenburg cross, to make it end with the Hungarian Commemorative Medal. If my thoughts are correct, what could be ribbon number 3? Thank you, Laurens
  10. Thanks anyways! I could only try to track the unit he served with around or before 1944. Laurens
  11. Hello, The attached image is a photo from a serie of five photos I recently acquired. All are portraits from a Oberfeldveterinär with the name Dr. Philipp Nickl. While the attached photo shows a portrait taken in June 1942, he died (or was killed) in September 1944. I can only assume he may have served as a divisional veterinarian. If so, would it be possible to find the unit he served with? There is no certainty regarding the rank, as he may have been promoted between June 1942 and September 1944. And I'm afraid the nice ribbon bar will not offer much assistance in this matter... Thanks, Laurens
  12. Another fine addition to your collection. Of significance - to me - is the addition of his military career. It tells more than just an award document! Laurens
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a translation of the text next to the sake tray. Additionaly, can someone also lend a hand with the characters inside the tray? Thanks in advance, Laurens
  14. Very nice item, Erik. And I assume some of the cards also resemble the flotille insignia? Laurens
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