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  1. as you could say, stunning. at least for me. I have forgot to post my summer version naval...will do it tomorrow
  2. Stoo, I am quicker than you
  3. vokhr - internal security service (simple uniformed security of state objects) 70-ies (green piping) and later version (black piping)
  4. morflot - merchant marine fleet late 80-ies
  5. VOSO - military communications service still needs a winged wheel at the crown and the star
  6. infantry green field version 1950
  7. another navy, probably 1950-ies or late 40-ies, wide band, and a strange anchor emblem
  8. navy - small, probably 1950 re-built (needed some restoration works - the band was missing, the rest is original to this cap, but re-assembled after some cleaning)
  9. Let's start a large topic on soviet visor caps, ok? collecting of visor caps is a very interesting field. The practice shows that there are huge amount of different types and variations. Also it is interesting to see how they were worn. The majority of visor caps I have have their visors replaced, some buttons replaced and also many other interesting features. Unfortunately I can not post pictures of all of my visor caps, but some of them are available at the moment. The rest are at my village, so I will be able to post them after two-three months. But I know RichieC and Stoo will not let th
  10. Mike, why do you think it is a counterfeit? Who told you about this? As for now, I am just asking.
  11. Hi Doc! Looks great, and I want to offer to you - if you have - to add a guard badge and a medal for securing the border to that framed set and - a closeup, please
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