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  1. Hi, i have found it This must be the emblem of the "Reichskolonialbund" (German Colonial League) Greetings from Unna FRank
  2. Hi everybody, i found the tinnie on this topic (insert by Ralph A) unknown tinnie why was this badge issued? Thanks for your help Greetings from Unna FRank
  3. Hello all, i have a new tricky question. Who know this medal in bronce? front site ? back site ? This is not my own question. The questioner comes from here: http://www.forum-der-wehrmacht.de/thread.p...88395#post88395 Some where here who knows this medal? Thanks in advance and greets from unna FRank by the way: a posted some problems and i have got every times the right answer (thanks at all). I will give back your help and so i?ll let you know that my special field is the "126th german infantery division", "demyansk", "Army Group North" , "transcription from ?s?terlin?" an s
  4. Hello Don, hello Robert, sorry for my late post. But i have got the "ok" to upload the whole picture today. here is the picture: the owner of this picture wrote that this man was soldier of a Signals Battalion in the south. thanks for all and have a nice week with rainy greetings FRank? cheers
  5. Hello Don, many thanks for your help. But what is the reason for this tinnie? Is it right if i think that this tinnie is for "Associazione Italo Germanica di Cultura"? From which year is it? You asked me if you can see the whole picture. This picture is not me.? But i?ll asked the owner if i can post the whole picture. So long you can see the picture here: http://www.forum-der-wehrmacht.de/thread.p...75328#post75328 sunny greetings from Unna? Frank
  6. Hello all, i returned back with a tricky question. what tinnie is seeing on following pic? I can see Hitler with Mussolini. Perhaps this is not correct. I have no idea what this tinnie,stick, badge is. This pic is not me!? Someone from german forum has upload this pic and asked the meaning. here is the link: http://www.forum-der-wehrmacht.de/thread.p...75328#post75328 (to look you don?t need registry) thanks for your help in advanced and greetings from sunny and hot Unna (eastside from Dortmund) Frank btw: i must write more in english, sorry? ?
  7. Hello Paul, thanks for your?objection. I had send an email to this union (Internationaler Artisten- und Musiker-Verband "Sicher wie Jold"). If they can?t answer my questions who then else ? greeting from Unna?(meanwhile?with?rain) FRank
  8. Hello Kevin, hello Uwe, thanks for your help... @Uwe: great work ! yes i think this will be right ... I have never seen this Award before. Thanks for your helps (so i will post this answer at forum-der-wehrmacht) sunny greetings from Unna und Uwe ein Krombacher extra ;-) FRank
  9. Hello all (experts), who know this Award ? This is a search for an other community...... This Awards is not me.... I don?t know if this the right?area? Thanks in Advance and sunny greetings from Unna FRank
  10. Hi John, this day is not my day. I had a hard disk crash and i lost many databases. but nevertheless i must say "thanks for your help" greetings from Unna FRank
  11. Hello all, please help me to find out what this stickpin is? this is not my stickpin. this is a research from an another Forum. Thanks in advance greetings from Unna FRank
  12. Hello, I have translate this handwriting Letter. It is only in German translated. I?ll translate this letter in english next time: few words I couldn?t read (highlighted with ??) Page #1 Page #2 I hope i could help you ?? Greetings from Unna FRank
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