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  1. Hello thank you very much it helps a lot! kind regards rene
  2. I try to translation this russian , but i have some problems with the short words. i anyone able to translate this. many thanks rene
  3. Hello Leaftree could help!Thank you very much.my friend will translat for Me Kind regards Rene
  4. hello i have send you an PM, but it doesnt work. why? i couldn#t say. here are my emailadress rehpit@freenet.de thank you very much rene
  5. Thank you very much.is it possible to send me s scan of the Page.i friend of Mine speek russia. Kind regards Rene
  6. Thank you Paul, the only information i have it comes from a KGB man. Here are some better pictures hope it help a little bid. rene
  7. Hello, i have a badge in my collection which unidentified. is someone able to help me. Thank all rene
  8. Hello Mark, i know that this is a copy, kind regards rene
  9. Thank you all for your help! best greetings rene
  10. conclusion: My medal is an Medal for Bravery Ahmed Shah with the Date 1916. right!? rene
  11. Paul i am a little bid confusion! I only collect german medal and Orders. This medal from me was in the collection of an old man which died. i bought the whole collection.how much does a Nasr ed din gold medal worth? Rene
  12. hello thank you very much, that was i guess. rene
  13. Nick i think it must be used from 1916( backside of the medal!) until i believe end of the 1 WW. cheers rene
  14. Hi, these medal which you have shown, i have found approx. 100 times, but not with these backside and date which i have. have you a link to an auction which show such a medal? cheers rene
  15. Hi i have approx 300 books like auction catalogs over the world and there are until 40 years old, but i haven't found this medal! not at kube,not thies, not on international auction, not at an german and not at an international dealer! If these medal not Rare it must be sold by such! But i found it. I know that it is a persia medal, but the year and these backside i did found.
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