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  1. Hello redcross

    Are you still interested in the red cross?  I am collecting red cross too.

    my email    jovanmara@gmail.com  please write 


    Best regards

    Jovan Mara


  2. I have two ducht red cross medals for sale: Dutch red cross commemmorative medal 1940-1945
    Dutch red cross commemmorative medal 1940- 1945 with bar "INDONESIE 1945-1950" (only 1200 issued) please let me know if you are interested

  3. I have had good luck with this seller, fair prices, helpful... the only down side is the shipping may take a month, so be paitent, good things come to those who wait.
  4. while the bar and crown are rare, when buying - do make certain that the bar and crown were issued and are not upgrades by the frankenstein medal bar folks I was offered one once that used a Belgian crown and when I pointed this out, I was told it was a very <g> rare variation
  5. one never knows what something will bring on ebay I'll always bid $35 for one, even if I don't need it now, but on ebay you're never quite sure whatyou'll get sometimes its copies <sigh>
  6. there are copies that are enameled on the back but yours looks good to me they often show up on ebay quite cheap which is how I've picked up some spares other times they sell well hard to figure
  7. someone might have more info [and will request a picture of the back side of the bar] but my impression is 1st place Prussian Red Cross 2nd or 3rd class 2nd place - probably Charlotte Cross 3rd place the medal you have nice
  8. It is definetly not a Bulgarian Red Cross medal, but as to what it is.... I don't have a clue, other than there are several 'humnitarian' awards that I have seen, but have not been able to really document, this is one I hadn't seen before, and have no idea who issued it, except it was probably not a red cross organization which generally either use one of the standard red cross mottos, or have the word or abbev for red cross - somewhere on the medal having said that I will add there are any number of red cross medals I've heard of but never seen and I have no idea how many I've never heard of
  9. my regular version arrived last week, nice book, sadly the red cross section is a little weak but there were a few, which makes it better than many a book I've bought in hope
  10. with regards to the red cross award its the Thuringain Red Cross Th?rigen Landesverein vom Roten Kreuz its the service medal I'll have to update my website as I have it as the wrong class but need to pull out the research so this time I remember right
  11. I don't think it is a conflict of interest, but I am not a lawyer. What I do know is that if you do apraisals, you can be held liable if it can be shown that what you say its worth is substantially different from what it is worth many folks have gotten out of appraisals as we live in a litigious society and liability insurance is expensive enough that many folks can't afford it for what apraisals bring in
  12. I'm glad it went to a good home sorry I had to help bid it up but I very much wanted it too
  13. here is the first class star I'll try to find the other medal and add that then
  14. All I can be certain of is a certificate I have for a 3rd class medal with a date of 1923 I have seen somewhere in a book that they were issued until 1924 but can't remeber which book its not in the first 3 I took off the shelf but the bar doesn't look right to me either its rather hard for me to imagine 3rd class PRK being of highest precident when would that be the case?
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