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  1. Do not know if it is appropriate here, but I would like to introduce the new website on WW1 related "Lieux de Memoires" http://en.tracesofww1.com/ It is the World War One variant of STIWOT's ww2 website http://en.tracesofwar.com/ STIWOT is the Dutch organisation that also maintains the websites http://www.go2war2.nl/ with Enlgish section at http://www.go2war2.nl/english-section.asp http://en.ww2awards.com/
  2. I saw this old topic now and it puzzles me somewhat. This can nor be of the later DKiG recipient Erich Gust. Erich Gust was already an Oberleutnant by then in 1. / Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment 2 He was awarded the "Anerkennungsurkunde des Oberbefehlshabers des Heeres" (of which the image is shown here and not the Ehrenblattspange) on February 7th, 1944 as Oberleutnant in 1. / Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment 2 for action near Kusminka on November 10th, 1943. This must be an Anerkennungsurkunde for the later recipient of the Nahkampfspange in Gold, Erich Gust of II. / Grenadier-Regiment 23. He reached the rank of Leutnant not before 1945, so that would be more in line with the ranks.
  3. Nice 1957 example of the by the 1957 permitted decorations.
  4. He was not awarded the KC, it is not known if he was recommended. The data on his score are from an extract of the Hauptflugbuch 6.Staffel des II.Schlachtgeschwader 1 later becoming 6. / Schalchtgeschwader 2 He had 98 as score when awarded the DKiG. His additional scores were all between February 13th and March 27th, 1945. No scores after June 27th, 1944 and before February 13th, 1945. The unit was supposed to have been disbanded in October 1943, but the units records were recorded for dates after that. His awarding documents show no unit after October 27th. The unit became 6. / Schlachtgeschwader 2 as from October 1943
  5. The Red Cross 1940-1945 Comemmorative Cross with 1945-1950 rebuilding Dutch East Indies Clasp
  6. Here the WW2 commemorative cross with green back in company bag
  7. Here is my own original from the: Member in the Order of Orange Nassau
  8. It strikes me to see how difficult it is to find good images of Luxemburg's decorations. The Croix de Service pour Militaires 1850 was, as far as I know to be found in a number of variants, depending the number of year's the military was in service. Does anyone have images of this decoration and its variants?
  9. it is fairly simple. in November 1917 Finland became independant of the Soviet Union. in January 1918 Mannerheim became Suppreme commander of the finnish army. The Finnish Army opposed the Red Army. In September 1918 (so before the end of WW1) Mannerheim became Regent of Finland. Mannerheim as head of state ordered a Finnish Delegation to go to Germany to find a King for Finland. This was supposed to have been Prins Frederik Karel of Hessen. When the Gemrans lost the War and the Gemran Emperor left, the idea to put a German Prins on the Finnish throne was abolished. As a courtasy the Prussians awarded the EK2 and EK1 to Mannerheim as sort of token of friendship before WW1 was over ( believe early in 1919). Other decoration 1937: German1st Class Honor Decoration of the Red Cross 1938: Grand Cross Order of the British Empire 1939: Grandcross Adlerorden 1940: Grand Cross French Legion d'Honneur 1941: Rumanian Order Michael the Great 3rd, 2nd and 1st Class 1941: 1939Clasps to EK2 and EK1 1941: Gemeinsames Flugzeugführer/Beobachter Abzeichen mit Brillianten 30th August 1941: german Knights Cross to the Iron Cross 1942: Kroatian Grand Cross with Swords and Star to the Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir 1942: Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, 1st Class 1942: Hungarian Grand Cross with the Holy Crown to the Hungarian Order of Merit 1942: Italian Military Order of Savoy -Grand Officer 5th August 1944: German Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross of the iron Cross
  10. I do not agree with the circle suggestion. I have looked at many photo's of all three grades of the CCC. In many of the photos of the golden, and in lesser the silver, the lighting on photos does suggest this same vieuw and look circular also. This all happens on photo's that are not too sharp taken or ar overlighted. Which does not mean I disagree this could be a retouched photo, but when retouched, why not use an image of a better qualitie? That should not have been to much of a difficulty when you look at the possible retouched EK1. Another doubt about the retouching is the way the ribbon bar is placed. That is not the common way to wear the bar when the CCC was not in place. Again this all is not conclusive, but just adding to the questions. I am not convinced it is retouched, but I am also not shure it is not a retouched photo.
  11. Perhaps this detail photo gives any more clues I have been looking at some more photos of CCCgold recipients. The rounded appearance of the centre piece seems not to be so uncommon and looks like being caused by the lighting and printing of the photo. Looking at the detail photo, it strikes me that it looks like the clasp is almost glued to the jacket, but also that could just be the way the photo was taken.
  12. Thats what it looks to me too. I also have had the suggestion this might be a retouched photo. But retouched or cloth version, both ways, the CCC looks kinda strange. It almost looks like the more rounded Luftwaffe version?
  13. I am wondering if anybody has any thoughts on this one. Here a photo of CCC in gold recipient Peter B?ckendorf: The CCC he wears looks somewhat strange to me. Any thoughts on the type? Could this be a non-formal cloth version? Any thoughts are welcome.
  14. Rick, his Canadian Record is known to me. He received the Volunteer medal beceause he was just long enough volunteer in the Canadian Air Force. The Oversees bar was a mistake of the Canadian government (not the only one they made with US Volunteers). When he was transferred to the US Air Corps, he was not written off as Canadian Volunteer.
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