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  1. The 43rd Battalion of the CEF was not known as the 43rd Manitoba Battalion, but was the 43rd (Cameron Highlanders) Battalion, which was raised at Winnipeg, Manitoba and which was also the mobilization headquarters under the authority of G.O. 86 July 1st, 1915. The Battalion served in France and Belgium (Flanders) with the 9th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Canadian Division from 1916 all the way through till the Armistice. From October 1st through 18th, 1916, they were engaged in the Battle of Le Transloy, which was the last British offensive in the Battle of the Somme - bloody awful conditions! Fo
  2. Your prints are from a larger collection distributed by Dewars Whisky in the 1960s. They were given to pubs and bars to display as promotionals. Hope this helps!
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