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  1. a lot of the graffiti from the POW's survives to this day, this pic from ATB....
  2. The old cell blocks still survive, here is a wartime view.....
  3. and how it looked a few years back on one of my visits to the area.....
  4. A bit closer, the plain Iron Cross emblem on top is a recent addition by local historians......
  5. Now sitting alone out in the Australian bush...... (ATB Photo)
  6. The memorial built by the HK Kormoran survivors still exists....
  7. A couple more photos from the magazine (ATB #144), with a nice then & now comparison....
  8. And a photo from a recent 'After The Battle' magazine, showing the front gate of the POW camp (ATB Nr. 144), the article was written by David Mitchell-Hill Green.
  9. Hi all, I have a Luftwaffe Other Ranks Erkennungsmarke or dog tag, that was recently uncovered using a metal detector from the old Murchison POW camp (Camp 13) here in Victoria, the camp is about a two hour drive out of Melbourne, and the remains of the camp are still scattered about the old site. This particular tag is for a Luftwaffe soldier (probably an NCO, as officer's were kept nearby at Dhuringile), and the unit was II./StG 77, with the personal number of the individual being #30. I have been in contact with the German WASt., and all they could give me was that the man was still alive, was born in 1918, and had applied for a pension in 1980, I am still trying to find out if the records held here in Australia will reveal his name and details, the POW archives are held here in Melbourne, and I have requested a search using the dogtag, but so far nothing back, so I thought I would post it here, and any assistance on finding out the man's details would be greatly appreciated...... Photo of the tag, and a couple of POW camp tokens for the canteen, plus some recovered German military buttons, still retaining some of their wartime paint, along with an Italian wartime tunic button as well..... Bob
  10. Hi Dan, Small world, I was a Sigs operator in the army for 20 years, and one of my tasks was as a teleprinter/keyboard operator, and I was once fairly nimble on the ol' keyboard too, but left the army about 21 years back, and have been involved in shipboard firefighting and light rescue since, so all typing skills I picked up with the army have just about all been relegated to the memory banks these days. (the old 'how good I used to be syndrome'). As an aside, I was also once up around 28 WPM on Morse code too, all of that is now also in the mostly forgotten part of the memory banks ! Best wishes from Australia, Cheers Bob
  11. Spot on, by the way Dan, I meant to type 'Concur', finger fault local I'm afraid !! Cheers Bob
  12. Paul, he can't have been in too long, only one long gong on his ribbon bar....... Bob
  13. Shane, have a look in the Luftwaffe Awards & Decorations page, and scroll down to: EHRENPOKAL DER LUFTWAFFE You will see the markings on a very nice Luftwaffe Honour Goblet there..... Best wishes Bob<BR id=anonymous_element_9>
  14. And I will close with a Flight/Armoured Recce pennant..... Best wishes Bob
  15. The actual letter from the son of the Canadian soldier who won the vehicle pennant in a card game ....... Bob
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