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  1. Well,the cross in Wernitz book has got the identical hardware at the reverse.That makes 2 Zimmermann crosses with thiskind of attachment system-and long time ago I had the chance to buy another one-I stepped back because I thought it was a kind of repair or home improofment....there are two more screwback variations known! Micha
  2. Well.....after reading Mr.Wernitz book (the 1st part is outstanding and impossible to top) I found something in the 2nd part that made me kicking my own ass .A screwback Zimmermann piece(the blued core ones) with a screw and crossplate like the Meybauer pieces. A couple of years ago I had the chance to get one and thought that was some kind of modification....now I found this variation pictured in the Wernitz book....That was the sign for me to do a drink offering to the god of iron cross collecting.And then it happened-I found a thread in a German forum,followed it,found a link to a dealer I didn't know,looked at his page and found one....with the 2nd core variation but that doesn't matter.Now I know there are 2 crosses more on my endless wanted list....and beer is really helpful! Anyway-here are the pica... Micha
  3. They had it in their hands....Part one is full with informations about the historical roots of the iron cross-lot of writing about the German history.part two is the so called "typology".Well-I had high expectations about the 1914 Part-and in the end I'm disappointed .For me it seems they had never taken part in any forums,talked never with collectors from the dark side... Micha
  4. Look at the seller-a typical ebay crook! I wouldn't spend a single dime there.. Micha
  5. Well-the two Eks from the top of the thrad look like he's butchered some 2nd classes to get the cores-I'm pretty sure I could do that better if I would change from the dark side to the pitch black side! But it's strange to belive someone will bid on this crap.... Micha
  6. Well-if your woman don't like this hobby she's the wrong one for you! But back to topic-nice Meybauers! Nothing wrong if you have them in your collection! Micha
  7. Chris-here it's the core that tells where it belongs to!.Typical type I core that you can find also at the awarded variaton maker marked with "CD800"....But there's a type II,marked with the "square" or with "800"...Or from the beginning-one awarded type,two different cores for the privte purchased ones(one of them the awarded type),pinbacks,screwbacks,double screws....rule braking pieces like a "CD935" with 2nd core type,convex......2nd classes with 2nd core type........a long list to get them all complete Micha
  8. If you have-show us rare crosses made by Carl Dillenius.2nd Core types,unusual combinations ect.... Micha
  9. Deumer family,magnetic core-I've never senn an unmarked onle with this setup! Micha
  10. Wow....that would be the perfect upgrade for me! And now I'm sure the catch is repaired....
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