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  1. Hi, Megan ! Well, there are so many helpful informations and I will write down them immadiately ! 十分感谢!(Thank you very much !) And as you know, British medals are not familiar to us, we Chinese, but I still have a great interest in it. In fact, British Medal System(Sorry, I don't know how to explain it ) made us feel complex and unfathomable, so what you idea about the general attitude towards British medals? Alex
  2. Hi,gentlemen! Now, I really need your help ! I'm an amateur editior in a military&insignia magazine in China. In the next month, we'll publish a widespread monograph about Victoria Cross. But until now, I'm very upset and anxious because there is a less number of books about VC in China,even in the national library. Also the informations from internet are incorrect and unilateral. So, I really need your advices about some reference books about VC, and buy them from ebay immediately! I need the books which have more details about: ·History ·Medal ·Biography ·overall information about VC Please give me some advices, Thank you very much,everyone ! Best wishes, Alexander Wang
  3. Hi Richard, Beautiful pictures and amazing collections ! A great EK2 collection ! Alex
  4. Thanks for your help,Danner and Rick, I think the replies really help a lot. Epp's award list is huge,I really want to know the number of his medals,maybe it is a large one! Alexander
  5. Hi,gentlemen,after I have read the biography of Franz Ritter von Epp,I'm interested in his long ribbon bar. I want to make out all the medals on his bar,but I cannot.Anyone know for sure? I really need help Here are some pictures of him: thanks, Alexander
  6. Hi,friend, I just want to say : What the wonderful collections ! The Honor Roll Clasps and EK2 are nice indeed!
  7. Another picture of Dr. Robert Ley wearing hie first class met Italian friend in 1939.
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