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  1. Sivart

    Afghan Medals

    I have a bunch of PDRA medals, nothing special. I passed on an Order of the Saur Revolution (type 1) that I am trying to get a friend in Kabul to buy and send to me.....
  2. Here are several items I brought back for my collection. Can't ID some of them, thought I'd show the experts on the forum and see what shakes out. Enjoy!
  3. I thought I'd follow up on this thread with the display I put together. Items are not original to the soldier but should be correct as far as what he would have worn or received upon his return home. Thanks again to Rick and Ulsterman for the information. Travis
  4. Reverse. Notice the lined notebook paper backing on the top patch.
  5. Here is mine, it also came with a small Iraqi flag patch. Both are circa 2004
  6. Great item Noor! I also enjoy getting named Good Conduct Medals and chasing down the leads on the awardee. Even though they are pretty common, they often lead to interesting stories. Well done Travis
  7. Thanks for the reply. Based on your response I was quickly able to find this uniform in wear, pictured below. I have been searching the Officers registers from 1880 - 1920 but I can't come up with a likely canidate for this uniform. The collar is marked CHASE, as well as the initials PC. I am assuming this is for P. Chase which is also assumed to be a relative of the named owner of the rest of the grouping, Harry Sylvester Chase. I am still going through the family tree hoping to find an uncle or cousin who this belonged to. I didn't notice any holes on the collar or lapels to indicate t
  8. It does have that look to it, it looks to me like something a waiter or porter would wear. The confusing thing is that it is named to a sailor that I know was at least a Pharmacists mate 1st class before becoming an officer, I think a LT (jg). Where does a jacket like this with ARMY buttons enter into that? So far, I haven't been able to turn up any military service of family members, but my research is still preliminary. There were a few other items in this group that dont quite fit, a WWI Army pouch and a framed photo of what appears to be an old fixed landing gear biplane. That photo i
  9. closures at collar are the same as at the bottom front of tunic, the closures on the sides are single hook with thread loops
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