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  1. Nice! I count 106. Just amazing. I'm always dumbstruck when you post these. I bow down before you. Best Kurt
  2. I've added a new piece and thought I'd throw up a few shots. A second case... Best Kurt
  3. John, I'm thrilled you like it! I'm glad it has a good home , surrounded by several of its contemporaries I'm sure. Thanks again! Best Kurt
  4. Hello, Good find! There are some partial lists. It won't be easy , though , most likely , as there are no complete records. Good luck! Best Kurt
  5. Thanks! All textbook. Very nice! It's great to see some more genuine examples of these highly faked badges. Do you know anything about the owners? Were any papers available with the badges? Either way , that's a great trio. The 24mm is mint! Thanks again! Best Kurt
  6. Very nice! The 24mm is superb and the others ain't too shabby , either. Would you care to share the reverses? I find the reverse so much more interesting , just because of the number , but understand if you're witholding the info from fakers. These are still my favorite badge of the period. Great show! Best Kurt
  7. the hook...it looks very close , if not exact. Maybe this was an earlier hook that reappeared because of the old mold?
  8. That's very interesting. I like the B&NL badge. Here is a zink Assmann O/G I recently acquired , made in the old aluminum mold. It has exactly the same hook and rivets to my eyes. What do you think? Best Kurt
  9. ERIC , that's an amazing badge! I wonder how many of the first badges were this style. Just amazing! So , I'm not the only one who can't find FJ cases? I just received this one a few weeks ago for my Deumer and it's only my second. I have a third tracked down coming soon. This is the earlier cloth-covered version. Again , a great bunch a badges , especially that early one! Best Kurt
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