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  1. Any good pics of Mongolian air force badges including pilot wings out there?
  2. I hope someone can turn up any other good pics of the medals of Mozambique and their ribbons. Any updates?
  3. I would be interested in seeing photos of various uniforms and badges of the JSDF and also photos of general officers of the three branches beginning in the late 1950s up to the present.
  4. Are there any photos of the Indian and Pakistani navy pilot and observer wings? I am sure they are in the familiar style of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm wings pattern.
  5. Thanks a million! Love the images and hope to see more later.
  6. Great stuff there. Keep them coming! I wonder if anyone has pics of PAF wings-badges to post.
  7. I will look forward to seeing the other badges too.
  8. I hope to see more of the various regiments and also for artillery, signals, and others.
  9. Keep them coming! Love their designs and how similar they are to the Commonwealth ones.
  10. Thanks for the engineers' badge. Keep them coming!
  11. I also welcome photos of Pakistan Air Force wings and badges too.
  12. Thanks for the news. You are welcome to post them after the holiday. Will look forward to seeing them here.
  13. I would be interested in seeing photos of the Pakistani cap badges for their various corps and regiments. They would be similar to the British and Commonwealth designs. Any pics out there?
  14. Does anyone have any pics of present day RAAF and RNZAF pilot wings and other wings for observer, naviagator, and so forth?
  15. Any photos and info on other Ghanaian orders and decorations to post?
  16. Sounds great! See if Albania is in that book for us. I wonder if there are other sources out there showing Albanian badges and uniforms from the Fifties up to the Eighties?
  17. You are more than welcome to post scans of the photos of the Albanian uniforms and insignia in wear if you can. Any others by other people who post on this website, especially from Albania, are even welcome too! Thanks!
  18. I am interested in photos of Albanian military uniforms especially those in the 1950s and 60s before they did away with Russian-style insignia and began using the Maoist Chinese style no-rank system and uniform style. Any good photos, especially those of the Albanian Air Force and Navy and also photos of hats?
  19. I would be interested in seeing any photos and information on military uniforms, badges, and pilot wings of Ghana, Nigeria, and also Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia. Any good photos and illustrations out there?
  20. Any photos out there of medals and militaria of the former South African "independent" homelands of Bophuthatswana, Transkei, and Ciskei? Perhaps our South African friends can help us out on that.
  21. Any photos of Idi Amin's Victorious Cross and other Ugandan awards, both past and current, floating around to post?
  22. I am interested in present-day wings of the aforementioned Commonwealth air forces.
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