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  1. Here another 2 photos from the album, maybe someone can name the officers. V.
  2. Photoalbum is from FFA 40. But there are tons of other planes belonging to other units. Try to post the whole photo later. Thank you for your replys. V.
  3. In an album i recently bought i have a photo with an crashed Fokker. Can anybody say to which Pilot/Unit it belonged? Thanks in advance. V.
  4. Photographer stamp from Starnberg/Bavaria. Also the "dresscode" looks more like before WWI the photo must be taken in the 20ies. Maybe someone can identify the people. Thank you V.
  5. Today in the mail, 2 interesting photos. Never seen so much MGs on a truck. Any clues which Freikorps this could be? Thank you V.
  6. Just want to show some photos of my little RM-Collection. You dont see many around, but i hope to get some more . Marineartillerie, Linienschiff Hannover, Kreuzer Köln
  7. And here is what i suppose a woman in Reichsbahnduty? Can anybody identify the Sleevepatch? Thank you in advance. V.
  8. Thank you so much for your help. In hours of work i got these red things deleted Best Regards V-
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