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  1. Nico

    Unknown insignia

    Thanks for your reply Paul. Actually I'm quite happy with the fact it's not military as I'm only collecting non-government badges. Regards, Nicolas
  2. Nico

    Unknown insignia

    Hello, I bought this insignia a while ago for a really small amount of euros but I'm afraid I dont know what it is. The seller told me it was a nurse insignia. Any idea? Thanks
  3. Hello people, this set is for sell at this time. it's in mint condition and how was wondering how much money it was worth? here's a pic : Thanks
  4. Hello chaps, I just received these two items today. One nice sake cups set from the Imperial Time Expired Soldiers League. I'm unable to understand the kanji on the reverse of the cups so if any help would be more than welcome. Also, I received a sake tray with uncommon (at least to me) lacquer finish. Can you people help me find out what the kanji are saying. Also have you got an explanation for the lacquer drip? Is it an on purpose finish? Thanks for your help, Nicolas
  5. Japanese collectables are a real trap... whether you go into sake item, medals and badges or certificates! :beer:
  6. creepy... looks like some roswell shaped alien face... Or maybe is it just me and you Kev...
  7. Not seen too often, here's a picture of a captured T35
  8. Nico

    Rising Sun Order Box

    Thanks a lot for this information JC!! :cheers:
  9. Nico

    Rising Sun Order Box

    Hello chaps, I've been comparing the box below with the one in Paul's thread about rising sun orders. The one I'm showing is supposed to be a 8th class box. However I notice a few variations in the Kanji. Is there a way for you gents to tell me what order this box goes with? Thanks, Nicolas
  10. Nico

    Sake bottle

    and the last photo
  11. Nico

    Sake bottle

    Hello chaps, Not so long ago, I bought this bottle on Ebay. The seller has not been able to give me a dating on it or any indication that may help me dating it. Maybe you people may give me a hand on this one. Here are three photos of the bottle :
  12. Hello Eduardo, Very interesting arrow heads. Can you get a clean picture of the rear part of the second one? This little part just behind the head itself is quite surprising. Any idea of what material these heads are made of? Best regards, Nicolas
  13. Paul, I would tend to think that your spear head has a way too common profile to think it's Roman. It may be one of the spear head used in the early roman army, but the way the head is attached to the wood differs from what I've seen in many reference books and studies. It cant be confused with the well known Pilum as this one had a longer and slimer head. Most of the time, there also was a counterweight to increase range of the launch. Another kind of spear was used in parallel, the Hasta. In this case, same thought as for the early spears. The wood attachment part differs from what we can see on various sources and studies. Late roman infantry man used the Pilum but also the Spiculum. This particular spear could be what we're looking for. However, some details differs from your example displayed here. A better view could be useful. Is there a spine on the flat part of the head? Can you get a picture of the front side of the head so that we can figure out a bit better what a tridimensional view could give. Also what size is it? About the arrow head, I would say that it's a Roman. I have pictures of the same arrow head in a book about the early Roman army. Here's a picture of the same head I have on my hdd : Hope this helped, Best regards, Nicolas
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