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  1. Thanks, Chris! That's exactly what I was hoping for....some specifics. L/15 was most assuredly Schickle. Some are convinced it made its own RK (as shown in its catalog, not mentioned by Geissler). Others are not so sure. There is a Schickle RK, with a set of supposedly Deumer made Oakleaves, on a "Deumer" card in the Shropshire Light Infantry Museum in the UK (as previously shown by Gordon Williamson). Also a Schickle RK with an unmarked set of Godet Oakleaves (something never previously seen, but now confirmed to be authentic) was recently offered for sale as being something brought back f
  2. I also have the Geissler book here. He makes no reference to Dietrich Maerz' book or the controversy surrounding Type "B" RK's from S&L, continuing (as he did before in his earlier book) to consider them simply a separate type produced wartime by S&L, without getting into postwar activities. He also shows photos of the Hermann Goering award cassette for the Grand Cross (which I would suppose come from Wolfe/Hardin, who were marketing the same), with no mention of the controversey regarding its originality, something "whispered about" for some time, but which has become more "public" in
  3. At least everyone thinks they are more clever. :unsure:
  4. Bowen was also the only author to seriously talk with producers such as S&L. His book is an absolute "must have".
  5. Does anyone recognize the maker of this EK frame? WWII, Imperial, just unknown, recognized as a certain fake?
  6. Thank you very much! Would this mean that this officer (an Oberleutnant zur See in 1944) had received this training, or that he was qualified to give this training to others?
  7. I am trying to decipher the meaning of career terms listed as abbreviations to the left of the names of Oberleutnante zur See in a KM Rangliste (this particular one for 1944). Although in earlier editions of KM Rangliste, guides to abbreviations are provided, in this one they are not. I am looking for the meaning of "AF" as found listed next to the names of Leutnants Fritz, Stolz and Mettegang shown below. This particular abbreviation is not to be found in the Rangliste for 1936, 1938 or 1941. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  8. The chinstrap is incorrect and the embroidered oakleaves (to me, at least) appear to be set back too far from the edging of the visor. The insignia looks fine, but the tubular attachment strip along the edge of the sweatband looks, from the photo, to be vinyl. I would guess, at this point, that it is Bundesmarine.
  9. I received a message requesting that I post the ribbon bar on this tunic, so here it is! (By the way,I apologize for the delay.)
  10. I have been looking at this cross (on Weitze's site) and have been a bit intrigued by it. I can see the O&S being made "on board" or "in the field" for a recipient by his men and presented until the real thing was available. What I can't understand is why the cross is an EK2. While it is certainly possible that an RK holder used an EK2 routinely instead of risking the original, and that's what he had when the O&S came along, I think it would be MUCH more likely that the cross should be a real RK, with handmade O&S attached. The O&S could easily be wartime made, but how would yo
  11. It is reported this morning on WAF that Major Dick Winters, of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, E. Co. ("Band of Brothers"), 101st Airborne Division, died earlier this week and was buried yesterday. His death and funeral were kept private by his family to avoid publicity. R.I.P., Major Winters.
  12. An original would be worth $15000 - $20000, and probably more. On the copy, the details just aren't there and the pin/hinge/catch set-up is the type used on 1957 (and later) badges.
  13. As always, Bob, that's such a sad and bad collection you should just pack it all up and send it to me so you won't have to look at it anymore! :love:
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