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  1. The center plate looks like one of the fantasy pieces that popped up in the 90s--they were fairly well painted onto original mess china (which at the time you could barely give away). There were numerous motifs--mostly NSDAP organizational, RPT, etc. I know this is an old post, but possibly still of interest. Erich
  2. SA Group Westmark, Standarte 52 was garrisoned in Koblenz. Erich
  3. Thanks for the additional information. Due to the name of the book series, I'd hoped it would cover primarily NS personalities, but I do appreciate your input! Erich
  4. I was wondering about this new Hüsken book, not having had a chance to look through it. Does it have multiple examples of an individual's signature or only one per person? And does it get into some of the more obscure NS personalities or just the more famous individuals? Erich
  5. That's true, but the "16L" unit in Munich is the only one I'm aware of that used the latin "L". I believe the Standarte was considered an elite one. A number of my Blood Orders were to men who became members of the Munich "16L" Standarte. Erich
  6. To the contrary, his tailor told him he looked thinner in it. Erich
  7. The type 1 BO medals are fairly rare, while the case is rarer, and the early document is rarer still! I know of only 1 document for sale without its medal, and one medal/document set that may or may not be sold already. Nice to find, although the type 1 Ausweis is also rare and hard to find with the medal. Erich
  8. Just happened upon this thread--great pieces! For some reason (probably the rarity of most of them) the Gau badges have never been overly popular with collectors--pre internet they were nearly impossible to find. Stan, that Baden with the 1923 bar is amazing! I can't remember having seen one before. Erich
  9. Do you mean you've found a name:number list for the 2nd issue Blood Orders? Patzwall lists the known names with random known numbers of the 2nd issue types but states there were likely more awarded. An accurate listing of the type 2/awards over serial nr. 1500 would certainly be a welcome addition! Erich
  10. It looked good to me before, and now it looks even better! Erich
  11. Erich, I agree with you--The 1st patterns are identical, 2nd patterns though may differ slightly as there were initially at least 2 sets of dies prior to the introduction of the late set (let's say type 2a (like type 1), 2b (very much like type 1 but w/o flaw), 2c (the late type - ray doesn't touch H). I have seen a late type that had an impossibly high number so there was a problem with that one, and raised doubts. I've only seen 3 or 4 examples of these 2c types, and never with a well documented history, but they appear to be a legitimate variant. Erich
  12. I'll see if I have any on file and attach them if I do. Otherwise I'll try to take some soon. Erich
  13. I've never seen this one before, but I have one that was a souvenir of the N?rnberg Rally--spoon collecting was popular from the late 1800s, so it makes sense! Erich
  14. Very nice! I have the only other example I've ever seen of the Feldherrnhalle Mahnmal identical to yours. I really like the SA Reiter --I've never seen that one before! Erich
  15. Tremendous find! I've had my share of luck over the years but never found a Blood Order out of the proverbial woodwork. I would say you're also very lucky that it was still there when you returned--usually you get only one chance at a deal like this! Would it be possible for you to post a close up photo of the reverse word 'Ihr' showing the rays? Both the type 1 and type 2 have a ray touching the base of the H, but this doesn't appear to in the photos posted. There were at least 2 and possibly 3 producers of the type 2 it's thought, with some very minute detail differences. The examples
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