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  1. What do you think about these awards, one of them is Turkish but the other one I don't know. When where they made, are they genuine and what was their awards criteria? Also interested in any value information, not high dealer price but collector to collector price. So basically any in information would be greatly appreciated Thanks Bjorn
  2. Very interesting dies, any chance of seeing any shoots of the whole collection? /B
  3. Very nice badge John and possibly researchable? Yours have a diferent pin setup and a nice "been there" look. /B
  4. Gordon, thank! I am glad I found this forum! Any chance of seeing some bigger pictures of the obverse on the Zimmermann and Mayer badges? How rare is these marked examples? /Bjorn
  5. My first post! Thank you Gordon intresting information . I have I been looking for information regarding my unmarked badge. The only difference I see on the obverse except for the obvious maker mark is the badges in the middle seems to have a square catch correct? Then my badge would be either a L15 or a L18 no possibility to tell the diffrence? In Tuckers book there is a Destroyer that looks like it would fit in with this group and that is the L21 marked destroyer but I might be missing something. /Bjorn
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