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    Royal Dublin Fusiliers - awards, documents, insignia. If you have anything, please let me know. Also I can help out regards basic research of soldiers who fought with the Dubs.

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  1. Thermo-Fluids exam tomorrow morning - studing in the night time sucks

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    2. IrishGunner


      In my younger days I might have been compared to a jet engine, but these days Bernoulli isn't required to calculate my flow. ;-)

    3. Noor


      ahaa, I feel certainy young here.... not in the college, there I am mature student and one of the oldest in the course. One guy even wondered what I am doing there :).

    4. Claudius


      @Noor -Ah, so may responses to the indignant youth to the question; "What are you doing here?” “Wrecking the (grade) curve.” Comes to mind, but I might be more in favor of; “I promised your mother I would look after you after that one-night stand.”

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