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  1. Hello Trooper_D, I did also notice the similarity to the Portugese Cyper ! Therefore I send a request to the Portugese Army Museum (which is a part of the armed forces) but did not even get a reply. I will try to work a bit more in this direction... Regards jaeger7
  2. Indeed a nice combination but the service cross is the one from Schaumburg-Lippe. Regards jaeger7-de
  3. Here is another - unnamed - bar with the silver honour cross with swords. Regards jaeger7-de
  4. If "the first medal" is the Lippe cross - don't flip it. It is perfectly right.
  5. My pictures must be from late 1908 earliest - as he wears the 1907 and 1908 Kaiserabzeichen. I have no date for the 1.GRzF picture. And yes CSM is the British term for Etatmäßiger Feldwebel. I should have posted it in the Feldgrau-Forum - right D. ?
  6. There are only very few pictures known with this badge. I do know 4 pictures. 3 from Garde Jäger and 1 from 1. GRzF. These three persons are all CSM. Would it be a German badge, someone would have recongnized it yet, I am sure !
  7. Yes, no result... ...no one can identify this badge. But a member showed another Etatmäßiger Feldwebel (Company Sergeant Major) from the 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß with this badge. jaeger7-de
  8. Funny - I do have a picture of him as well... Standing amoung the other Oberjäger of 2nd Coy - but he is the only one wearing the badge.
  9. Hello, I guess I havn't shown this guy here already... ...so I would like to give it a try ! What is this senior NCO (etatmäßiger Feldwebel) of the Garde Jäger Bataillon wearing ? It looks like a crowned royal cypher ? He is wearing a double-award of the Kaiserabzeichen on his right sleeve, so he could either be from the 4th company (Award years 1902+03) or from 2nd Coy (1907+08). The only information I can give is, that there are some more pictures out there with Guard NCOs wearing the same badge. Who will identify it ? Regards jaeger7-de
  10. Hello, I do have this Bavarian Pfarrer with MVO and Iron Cross. Regards jaeger7-de
  11. Hello Simon, no, I am immune against the British Medal collecting bug - I have been bitten by other bugs too often ! (Imperial German Light Infantry, Imperial German Shooting Awards, Orders and Decorations of the Principality Schaumburg-Lippe, Vintage Photographs....need to say more ?) I do not think that the 1911 Census will help, as George Joseph has only been 12 years old in 1911 - so no chance of finding a trace to his unborn son (I still like the father/son theory...) Regards Torsten Hello Tony, one question regarding the plaque - it is much bigger than the box with the papers and decorations. Was it issued later / separate from the medals ? Did your relatives have to apply for the plaque or was it send to all families which have lost a member during the Great War ? Regards Torsten
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