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  1. Indeed a nice combination but the service cross is the one from Schaumburg-Lippe. Regards jaeger7-de
  2. Here is another - unnamed - bar with the silver honour cross with swords. Regards jaeger7-de
  3. If "the first medal" is the Lippe cross - don't flip it. It is perfectly right.
  4. My pictures must be from late 1908 earliest - as he wears the 1907 and 1908 Kaiserabzeichen. I have no date for the 1.GRzF picture. And yes CSM is the British term for Etatmäßiger Feldwebel. I should have posted it in the Feldgrau-Forum - right D. ?
  5. There are only very few pictures known with this badge. I do know 4 pictures. 3 from Garde Jäger and 1 from 1. GRzF. These three persons are all CSM. Would it be a German badge, someone would have recongnized it yet, I am sure !
  6. Yes, no result... ...no one can identify this badge. But a member showed another Etatmäßiger Feldwebel (Company Sergeant Major) from the 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß with this badge. jaeger7-de
  7. Funny - I do have a picture of him as well... Standing amoung the other Oberjäger of 2nd Coy - but he is the only one wearing the badge.
  8. Hello, I guess I havn't shown this guy here already... ...so I would like to give it a try ! What is this senior NCO (etatmäßiger Feldwebel) of the Garde Jäger Bataillon wearing ? It looks like a crowned royal cypher ? He is wearing a double-award of the Kaiserabzeichen on his right sleeve, so he could either be from the 4th company (Award years 1902+03) or from 2nd Coy (1907+08). The only information I can give is, that there are some more pictures out there with Guard NCOs wearing the same badge. Who will identify it ? Regards jaeger7-de
  9. Hello, I do have this Bavarian Pfarrer with MVO and Iron Cross. Regards jaeger7-de
  10. Hello Simon, no, I am immune against the British Medal collecting bug - I have been bitten by other bugs too often ! (Imperial German Light Infantry, Imperial German Shooting Awards, Orders and Decorations of the Principality Schaumburg-Lippe, Vintage Photographs....need to say more ?) I do not think that the 1911 Census will help, as George Joseph has only been 12 years old in 1911 - so no chance of finding a trace to his unborn son (I still like the father/son theory...) Regards Torsten Hello Tony, one question regarding the plaque - it is much bigger than the box with the papers and decorations. Was it issued later / separate from the medals ? Did your relatives have to apply for the plaque or was it send to all families which have lost a member during the Great War ? Regards Torsten
  11. Hello, the following group turned up in Germany (former BAOR territory). Both groups are named to the pretty uncommon name "Smith" - but being found in the same estate in Germany makes me think that there is a family connection, possibly father and son ? Unfortunatly father and son would have never really meet - as George Joseph Smith fell in 1918 only 19 years old. He served in the Great War as Gunner in the Machine Gun Corps in a Motor-bataillon. I was really impressed that it is easy to find information on him and that there is the possibility to print a kind of commemorative certificate once you have found him in the lists of the Commonwealth War Graves Commision ! He rests on a cemetery at the Somme. His Group consists of a War Medal and a Victory Medal, both in paper envelopes, with their ribbons, a letter regarding the shipment of the medals to the next-of-kin and a letter of condolence from King George - all in a cardboard box with his name and service number on. The possible son served in WWII and his medals are arranged to a bar, consisting of - The 1939-1945 Star - The Africa Star with bar 1st Army - The Italy Star - The Defence Medal - The 1939-45 War Medal Of course these Medals are all unnamed - but still serving during the Cold War earned him a - Long and Good Conduct Medal with clasp Regular Army - and this is named to T/122935 S SGT L. C. Smith R.A.S.C Even not being a collector of British decorations, I guess these two groups are a realy nice pick-up ! Regards jaeger7-de
  12. Hello Wild Card, this is an interesting piece - and I am trying to find some more info on this Captain. I have had a look into the regimental history of IR 15. I did not find a Hauptmann Sixt von Armin for 1849. But there have been two Seconde Leutnants v. Arnim which promoted to Captain later and where both transfered to IR 55 in 1860. The 1849 campaign is not very prominent in the history of the regiment, it is barely mentioned on a few pages Maybe the spelling of the name in the book is wrong. Furthermore I would like to find out more about the link of IR 15 to Schaumburg-Lippe in this campaign. Regards Torsten
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