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  1. I was maybe thinking it would have the "Grenztruppen Der DDR" CT as the boarder guards used this colour piping also. Regards Steiner
  2. I would just like to add that I picked up mine at an Army surplus store in Vancouver, Canada around 2008. Mine like your is unissued and still has the paper tag on the left arm. PaulR if possible I would like to know if your model has a cufftitle or not. Regards Steiner
  3. Gordon I have been barking up the wrong tree. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Kind regards Steiner
  4. Folks this has me stumped and I would appreciate anyone's help. Is this medical or transport? It is not a light blue like the airforce nor is it dark blue like water police. It is a medium blue. Please see pictures any and all help appreciated. Regards Steiner
  5. Excellent Gordon I have been holding onto a blank police version like yours. Just about killed myself IDing it because it is so rare. Did you ever do anything with that one? I am still sitting on the fence on if I should touch mine. Regards Steiner
  6. Thank you Ed. Could I ask why "Research for 1985 ORBs of course remains impossible"? Many thanks Steiner
  7. Hello All I am a bit out of the loop on this can someone explain why we can't research these is it a temporary problem or permanent? I got a few of the 2 nd class ones from Bill and would be interested in researching them one day. thanks Steiner
  8. That has to be the coolest jacket find I have ever heard of. WOW
  9. Nice group, it is cool to me because I live in Vancouver, Canada. Nice score. Steiner
  10. Man I wish I could remember exactly. I dipped into the slivovitz a little last night . I will get the exact name soon and post here if memory servers me right I believe it is a couple of hours outside Sophia. Steiner
  11. Well I will soon be the owner of about a quarter of herctar for Bulgarian land. How so you may ask? Here is the story my kids befreinded the son and daughter of a Bulgarian family that had moved here about 5 years ago. We started to become freinds and would spend time on New Years and Thanksgiving every year. The father was an artillary officier in the Bulgarian army during the 80's and I would often talk militaria with him over a few bootles of good wine. Once his father died he needed to return home and help settle the affairs with his brother who is still a policeman in Bulgaria. IT was
  12. Good advice Paul. I was wondering if they had an EM rank as Judicial and it look like if they are not an odd color of flak red then maybe a Vet's. One was or another a nice conversation peice. LOL
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