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  1. First bayo I've bought in years,by a very rare maker,so I jumped on it real quick!
  2. Have not seen one like this,but I don't believe that the frog was designed for the scabbard as the hole is rather large.
  3. The Eickhorn has two squirrels back to back(but not touching) over C E . So I assume it was made between 1904 and 1921,when Eickhorn started using a single squirrel. The two by WKC have the king and knight heads,and again I assume they were made about the same time period as the Eickhorn. While I have no real proof,I assume these three rivet gripped private purchase bayos were only made for a short duration.
  4. Always liked these three rivet style of bayos.
  5. Here's another way to ruin a sword,convert it into a 'fighting' knive!Eickhorn with back to back tree rodents.
  6. For those who don't know what a slant gripped Heer looks like,they're in the middle.
  7. Some private purchase German sawbacks,the three rivet grips are pre-WW2.Not sure if they are pre or post WW1.
  8. Love to get a Swiss one myself,especially if I could get it for $8! The British also had a sawback bayo,but I believe it was pre-WW1.
  9. I'll have to dig them out and see,the pic is about 8 years old and they have since gone into 'storage',but I know some of my 08's were unit marked. The center one in this pic had the saw back removed and was reissued after the first world war.Also note that the top bayo has the high eared crossguard,as do all in the first pic,while the bottom two have low ears.I believe the high eared style was discontinued in 1916.
  10. I've got several saw-backed Butchers,but this is the only pic I can find.Saw-back is in center.
  11. http://www.germandaggers.com/Gallery/Gau.php
  12. This might be Hitler's dagger,the initials are the same and it did come from a Vet who got it in Germany. Without real documented proof,it would be nearly impossible to attribute an artifact to it's original owner just by initials alone.
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