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  1. I would like to show you my new Austrian-Hungarian binoculars, at least I think that it is Austrian-Hungarian army binoculars. Any comment is welcome. All the best Stig
  2. Thank's for showing your clock. It's in great condition, and very nice pictures. All the best Stig
  3. Very nice! Does anyone know, if there where other manufacturers of these arm compasses, or are they all manufactured in Prague? All the best Snoopy
  4. That's great! It's the first time that I have seen any documentation on this one. All the best Snoopy
  5. A recent addition to my collection. A Luftwaffe approved duty clock. From what I have understood, these clock's where standard equipment with ground based radio stations. I have allso read somewhere that they where sometimes used in aircraft by navigators and bomb aimers. I don't know if that is correct. If someone has any additional information about these clock's, I would be grateful. All the best Snoopy
  6. I am a happy (young) man. I found this one at a flea market. Hiding between rubbish, in a box. I have been looking for one of these for years. I have allways told my self, that one day, one of these must turn up, at a flea market, or in an antiques store. Some times it pays off, to be patient. I payed under four dollars, for mine. I hope that you like it. All the best Snoopy
  7. DRP can allso be found on a lot of earlier items, both civillian and military. I have seen this marking on clocks, dating from around 1900. Deutsches Reich was the official name on Germany, since 1871, according to Wikipedia. All the best Snoopy
  8. Wow, You did a wonderful job. You rescued it. All the best Snoopy
  9. Very nice Rbl. f. 16. Looks very much like WWI manufacture. I have two of these in my collection. Mine are manufactured during WWII. In the picture below, the one in the middle, and the one the right, are Rbl. f. 16. The one one the left, is a Rbl. f. 32. When you compare your optics, with the two on the right, you can see differences in manufacture. None of mine, has any engraved inscription. I am no expert, but in my opinion, you have a nice WWI example. You have a very kind wife, that would buy something like this for you. Mine probably wouldn't. All the best Snoopy
  10. Hi Paul The only additional information I have, is the information on the data label.
  11. Equipment for the larger FLAK search light. These coal rods was used instead of light bulbs, in the larger search lights. Theys where used in pairs. When electrical current was turned on, a small lightning was created between the rods. This produced a very intense light.
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