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  1. Nice Mauser HSC. If you can take pics. of the markings or describe them I can perhaps tell you more about it. Jim
  2. http://gunshop.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimate...t=0;DaysPrune=0 I really can't help you with your Holland & Holland but you might try the guys on the Double Gun Forum. Link posted above. Jim
  3. Bob has created an ultimate safe storage environment here which is predicated upon the unique storage requirements in the North West. I live it the South West and the requirements here are drastically different. Perhaps we can get a thread going on the unique requirements of the different geographical areas. Jim
  4. Denny: I don't remember seeing some of these before either. What else have you been keeping from us? Jim
  5. Or perhaps you'd rather see some more detail: This is my own idea of a "Rainbow coalition"!
  6. [attachmentid=42448]I've got a few I could post that might be of some interest
  7. Hy everyone I'd also be interested in seeing a 3rd Reich dagger forum over here. Is there currently a firearms forum available to post on also? Jim
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