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  1. Very nice S98aA S! I agree with Chris, I do not believe that there ever was a German 2nd Füsilier Regiment. Seeing as how this is a pre-1909 bayonet and could have been marked prior to the 1909 regulations, if I had to guess as to its meaning, I would lean towards it being for the 2nd Garde-Feldartillerie-Regiment. At least that is the one that makes the most sense to me. Jim
  2. Along with the WWI victory medals I also picked up a couple of Turkish stars. All 3 by BB&co.
  3. I am having a great weekend, collection wise. Just picked up this ready made collection of WWI victory medals. 10 medals in all, one U.S. with the St. Mihiel, Meuse- Argonne and defense sector bars(which could fall into the 33rd Illinois infantry div, of which I have a helmet also), French, 2 Czeck, Romanian, South African, 2 English, Belgian and Italian. The South African and both English medals are named. I thought I would add this to this pinned topic that I enjoyed reading so much. If it does not belong here please feel free to move it. Jim
  4. I have some very large detailed photo's I can send you, but they are too large for the forum system. I would be more than happy to send them to you if you want to pm me your email addy. Jim
  5. Thank you very much gentlemen! So the display is incomplete. Do you think that the pilots badge is a genuine award? Thanks again, Jim
  6. I have much larger detailed photo's if they will help or are needed Thanks again, Jim
  7. I have been offered a grouping with a hollowback pilots badge. The question I have is, did Juncker make a hollow back (stamped) pilots badge? I took a few pictures, but was rushed (on my lunch break) and didn't notice that it is marked C E JUNCKER on the back. I researched the autographed picture when I got off work and find that it is of the late Generalmajor Oskar Freiherr von Boenigk. I am sure that these are not his personal medals but a display made to commemorate his WWI service ( only the Pore"Le Merite is missing) I feel pretty good about the crosses, but am totally out of my element with the pilots badge and Albert cross. Here are the quick photos I took, but like I said, I missed the Juncker mark til I noticed them looking at the pictures later. Any help is greatly appreciated, Jim
  8. I want to thank you all for the help. Looking through the display case,they both looked promising,but once I flipped them over,the alarm bells started ringing. The back of both of them were very rough,especially the screwback and the RZM mark was the kiss of death for me. Always trust your gut and my gut said no,but it never hurts to ask for more opinions. Thanks again, Jim
  9. I had to down-size the photos to get them under the 110k limit. The originals show much better detail,but are far too large to post. I can e-mail them if needed. Jim
  10. Found these at the local pawn shop. From the style and dates,I thought they may be pre-WWI. I am unsure whether they are awards,veterans association related or outright fantasies. I wouldn't have thought fantasy until I flipped them over and found an RZM stamp on the screwback. I can see no reason for this unless it is an outright fake or someone tried to tart up an original piece. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  11. I'm looking for some help concerning a black enamel maltese cross. It is the size of an Iron Cross 1st class,vaulted,narrow round pin set-up,silver frame and the front is all black enamel. There are no markings and it definately looks to be german,but can find nothing like it. Sorry I have no pictures,but has anyone any idea of what it could be? Many thanks, Jim
  12. Much better picture,it is an unknown distributors mark as dj joe has said. the mark is also sometimes accompanied by the initials W.F.R below it. Jim
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