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    Hi all I'm searching for nice, complete and untouched Imperial Austrian WW1 helmets. Many thanks


  2. Not much. I think Panzerzug 12 was called "Thorn I" and was active on the Eastern Front during WW1. So far my understanding.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for information of Panzerzug 12 , armoured train 12. Were is was deployed, when , etc... Can anyone help ? Thanks Johan
  4. I do have several photos of Bavarian Heavy cavalry in my new book. Also note that the future peace time uniforms for these regiments were Ulanka style tunic (for some odd reason..) JS1 http://nicecollectables.zxq.net/themilitaryhistoryshop.htm
  5. Hi All I would like to take the opportunity to introduce a new 3-volume work, just released by Schiffer : "The Imperial German Armies in Field Grey Seen Through Period Photographs, 1907-1918". Below, you will find a couple of pages from the books. Using over 3000 photos, we show field-grey uniforms, headgear, weapons and equipment of the German enlisted soldier before and during WW1 and provide a lot of detailed information. The difference - compared with my previous books - is the use of the many period photos to illustrate uniforms and/or equipment in actual use. In addition, for each branch of service, a formation/unit history, uniform evolution and photo section is made available. I hope you will enjoy the books Johan
  6. Thanks Jim, hetre a photograph of the liner JS
  7. I recently picked up a very nice French WW1 infantry helmet. I found some papers sticked between the liner and the helmet shell. To my pleasant surprise I found a newspaper inside from September 12, 1915, called "les Annales". "Les annales" was a paper with news, stories, poems, musique, drawings and much more. It was printed on bad quality paper. I have put the paper in a small frame to display it with the helmet. Hope you liked it ! JS
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