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  1. Marco Gollino


    2 more examples of the previously discussed medals, also without ribbons unfortunately
  2. Hi guys Desperately looking for an officer class of L'Ordre National du Zaire (military division) if anyone has one they'd like to sell? Thanks
  3. The famous photo of I.A. Maisels being hoisted aloft at the end of the treason trial, in which 156 people, including Nelson Mandela, were eventually found not guilty
  4. Israel Aaron Maisels QC Israel Aaron Maisels, QC (1905 – 1994), regarded by many as the leading advocate in South Africa over period of more than 60 years at the Bar, was one of the most influential lawyers of his generation. Particularly after 1948, he acted for people prosecuted for their political beliefs, or who were imprisoned, assaulted and tortured because of them, and he is remembered as leader of the defence in the famous treason trial (1956 – 1961). For these reasons he was never appointed to the bench in this country. His reputation was not, however, only as a fearless defender in human rights cases. His awesome courtroom skills in all manner of prosecutions and legal proceedings earned him international recognition as one of the very best lawyers anywhere. Maisels’ name is to be found on briefs for cases that have made their way into public memory, as well as legal history but for ‘Isie’, these were simply a matter of business as usual. The Star (5/5/84) reported: "History was made this week at a ceremony in the Royal Palace, Maseru, when Mr Israel Aaron Maisels was made Commander of the Most Meritorious Order of Moh- lomi, one of the highest awards in Lesotho". Here is a photo of him receiving the award: In WW2 Maisels had served in the SAAF and was involved in the interrogation of Italian POWs. In 1989 he also received the Presidential Order of Honour from Botswana (pictured below with his WW2 medals). He passed away in 1994. I am desperately looking for an example of the Order of Mohlomi, Commander class (The medal Maisels is wearing around his neck in the first photo) to complete this amazing and historically important group. If anyone knows where I can get one please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Hi Gary Sorry I did not see your reply until now! Thanks very much for the link - I contacted them and they were very helpful. I've managed to buy a yard of each of the ribbons I was missing and they are currently on their way to me! Much appreciated. Cheers, Marco
  6. I hav vays und meens to vynd jooooooo

  7. Hi all, I've had a bit of luck - I found a UK website( www.worcmedals.com ) that has a selection of 30-40 US medal ribbons for sale (not all the ones that I'm looking for) but I should be able to get the remaining couple from a friend. Thank you to everyone for your help and suggestions. Cheers, Marco
  8. Hi guys, Sorry for the delayed reply on my part. Thanks for the suggestions. Rick, I tried that but unfortunately none of these websites seem willing to sell lengths of ribbon. It seems strange to me, because as you mentioned they seem to sell every possible badge, patch, medal etc....huge stock lists (for example USAMilitaryMedals.com) - they just don't seem to want to sell ribbon per length. I've tried several now and they either don't respond or tell me they're sorry but they can't help with my request and have no idea who would be able to. At the moment my only option seems to be Ed Haynes suggestion - and no I'm not currently a member As I don't usually collect US Medals (this is a once off job) it seems silly for me to join the OMSA just to have access to the ribbon bank. I just can't understand why US ribbon is so difficult to get hold of - surely there must be someone who sells it? I even asked a collector friend of mine who is currently serving in the US Army and he didn't know of anyone selling the stuff either. Thanks, Marco
  9. Hi all, Are there any websites where I can buy lengths of ribbon for US medals? I have a group that I would like to mount for display myself, but I can't seem to find anywhere where I can buy ribbon to do the job. I've tried several of the big US medal mounting websites and they all say they can't help me. Any ideas? Thanks, Marco
  10. Hi Chris, It was all in one packet and the story behind it is that it all belonged to one guy, so I'm as sure as I can be based on that. The guy who sold it to the shop (where I bought it) said he picked it up from the man himself, so I am trying to follow that lead too and see if I can get his contact details and maybe those of the recipient. No luck as of yet though but keeping fingers crossed. Is it a french style name tag ? Or does it look iffy? If you can ask on a legion forum I would appreciate it alot. Thanks. Cheers, Marco
  11. Hi Hendrik, Thanks very much, it was driving me crazy!! What are my chances of finding info on this guy, or a photo ? Thanks, Marco
  12. Hi Chris, No wonder I couldn't identify that last ribbon! Are there any websites/resources with rolls or citations or anything like that? How would I go about researching him? Thanks, Marco
  13. Hi guys, Can you help me identify the stuff in the picture? I think I've managed to identify all but the last medal on the ribbon bar (which is proving highly frustrating!) 1: From what I've read, the badge is that of the 6th Light Armoured Division, and the epaulettes are those of a Lt.-Col. ? Any idea how I would go about researching it? Thanks in advance, Marco
  14. Hi all, A friend has asked me to enquire here if anyone can help point us in the right direction as far as Italian Badges go. Does anyone know of any resources (be it books/websites or other) that can help in identifying Italian badges? Anything at all? Thanks, Marco
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