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  1. I'm with Rick here. Gold ones always look like gold and bronze ones sometimes look gold. It's bronze in my opinion. Regards Chris
  2. One of the best badges from the IAB/GAB/PAB range. I was lucky to pick the same up a couple of weeks ago - TR badges like this really make collecting of such items a bit of an addiction. Regards Chris
  3. Difficult to tell from the angle of the photos but I'll go for 1.29.2 Unknown maker #12 - classification from The General Assault Badge by Frank Heukemes. Regards Chris
  4. It's a cheap piece of junk which is a bit of a surprise as if you were going to pull a stunt like this you would use one of the many high end fakes that abound this type of award. Regards Chris
  5. Thanks Don, Good looking badges and good luck with the gold version at the MAX show. I have asked a fellow collector up on packets and cases to take a look at the case when he has a moment but in the mean time here is a cased silver with stickpin that was my other impuse buy a year or so ago. Cases are different but show quite a few similarities so fingers crossed here too. Regards Chris
  6. Thanks Guys, Here is some more information on the badge: Dimensions: Height - 46.00 mm Width - 39.86 mm Weight - 7.75 grams Regards Chris
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